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Orders suddenly stopped

i used to get 5 orders a week, all 5 stars, and suddenly, without changing anything, I havent got a single order in weeks, wtf why


It’s been the slowest week I’ve had for a really long time. And the funny thing is, I can see “fiverr’s choice” badge on my gig since Thursday or Friday. Maybe they’re experimenting with the settings and switching things on and off, I have no idea anymore.


Congratulations on the Fiverr’s Choice Badge.


Yep it happens, you encounter some slow days


same here. just getting orders from my repeating buyers & new buyers are gone. impressions & views also getting low… not sure the reason but looks like fiverr doing some updates…


My performance is also bouncing like crazy. Gigs are on the last page, then on the first page, then again on the last page. Sadly they tend to stay significantly longer on the last page, weeks or months even at a time. Now sales picked up again to same amounts as when the gig is on first page, but I can’t see my gig anywhere, so I’m a bit confused how things can be normal again - for now. :thinking: Perhaps they are doing some changes again, and you can’t see your own gigs when looking for best selling gigs.


It’s the summer. It’s slowed down for all of us. I often go on vacation in June.


Usually buyers are purchasing less in the summer. You’re not the only one to experience that.

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It often happens during summer, but perhaps you can use summer to your advantage. For example, create a new summer-related gig (or few)? You could offer seasonal (summer) Twitter banners, summer thumbnails, something like that? Business owners might need those during the season.


What a Thinking …Thanks

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Interesting to see how seasons affect orders

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Maybe there is something you press that change ur gigs

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Same. It’s been a quiet week. And no new buyers for a while now. :frowning:

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Same here :frowning: