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Orders that break the ToS

I suspect that I know the answer, but I wanted to ask opinions on this please.

Over the weekend I had two new orders placed, by the same buyer, and the scripts that were sent with the orders were highly inappropriate. They were obviously automatic recordings for a s3x line and made me feel icky.

So I immediately reached out to CS. They obviously had realised this already because they had stopped one script and put it under review, but the chap just screenshot and sent it to me that way. CS said I could cancel them or they could, but reminded me that cancellations affect my stats.

Then the buyer asked for my email address. I duly reported this to CS and got a very strict letter back, cutting and pasting chunks of the ToS, warning me about providing my contact details. But I haven’t and I wouldn’t. I was only making them aware that this buyer had breached another ToS by asking for them.

CS came back and said that cancellations are dealt with automatically by the system and that they can’t do anything manually to rectify the damage to my stats. Then they sent me a link about how to avoid cancellations! Oh, my heavens, I would avoid them if I could.

So now, if I avoid the cancellations and record these scripts, I will breach the ToS about providing obscene material. If I cancel them, my stats are penalised. If CS cancel them, my stats are penalised.

This is a Trust and Safety issue. The threat to my stats could be seen as inducing me to provide services that are inappropriate and could put me at risk. I don’t understand why Fiverr haven’t just deleted his account, which was only just established last month.

So what do I do? :frowning:

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Looks like you just got a horrible fiverr representative. Some of them are pretty bad and sending copy pasted replies. Which drives me mad.

You can ask to escalate your query as your representative obviously didn’t read your issue.


I just got a link to a questionnaire because the CS rep has closed the ticket :frowning:

I think in all the cases I asked them to cancel an order for me while being sure they should be able to follow and agree with my reasoning that it should not affect my stats, they said “might affect” but it didn’t, at least no visible/level evaluation stat (order completion rate).
What they write, to me, sounds as if they don’t have a direct way to cancel orders guaranteeing no effects but as if they have something like we do in the resolution center, where they click stuff and the system then decides whether the cancellation will count against our stats or not, e.g. I’m assuming if the rep understood and clicked that the customer ordered something against ToS, it won’t count against you.
Just my impression of the current system, no facts.

I’d keep an eye on the ocr stat for 24 hours or so to give it time to update, but I guess you’ll be fine. Don’t fill out the questionnaire before you know your rate doesn’t drop, obviously your experience and satisfaction depends on that fact :wink:


So Trust and Safety just allowed his message through. They apparently think that it’s fine and appropriate to ask a female seller to record a script that solicits men to phone a premium rate line and includes things like “call me now for s3xy time to blow your load” and “I’m just your h0rny little girl next door.”

What on earth do I do? I’m literally shaking at the thought of having to record these exploitative scripts but CS are not supporting me.

Just get CS to cancel it, and hopefully it won’t affect your stats. You can ask if they can make it not affect your stats if possible but if they say they can’t guarantee it won’t, it still might not affect your (eval) stats (it didn’t affect my eval stats when I asked them to and they said they couldn’t guarantee it wouldn’t affect it). You can block the buyer later if you want to prevent them ordering again.

You could also message CS further about the order so they see it’s inappropriate and against the TOS. You could tell them it’s against the TOS (though maybe you have already).

It will affect my stats though :frowning: I’ve had two other cancellations this month already, one because the buyer ordered accidentally and one because the buyer changed their mind and didn’t;t need the work done. Both were done before I had even delivered any work. This took my completion stats from 100% to 99%, even though neither could even be considered my fault.

But to complete these scripts is exploitative and demanding and could very well mean that I myself breach the ToS by providing obscene material.


Not necessarily. It might not. Like I said, it didn’t affect my eval stats when I asked CS to cancel it (when what was ordered wasn’t something I offered in the gig). If you ask them to cancel it saying what is asked breaks the TOS and could they, if possible, cancel it without it affecting your stats, it might not affect it (even if they say they can’t guarantee/have no control over it). Maybe it depends on who does the cancelling/what options they choose like has been suggested above.

But asking CS to cancel it might be the best thing, and making sure they know what is asked by the buyer is against the TOS. You could link to (or maybe quote from) the section of the TOS it’s against in your support ticket if that would help.

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I reached out to Customer Support again so I’ll see what happens.

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CS have cancelled both orders because they “do not allow these types of services.”

Which is what I’ve spent 12 hours saying. Go figure. I’m just relieved they’re gone. I’m going to restart and clear caches and see what has happened to my stats.


Read the fiverr terms and if the order breaks the terms. Mark It Cancelled

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