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Orders that might break TOS.. help


I have been receiving orders that potentially could get my account suspended or banned.

The thing is, I have gigs on article writing. So some people are kind to text me before placing an order and if I see if it is violating any rule, I deny them…

But some people just places orders that violates TOS like orders that clearly asks me to do their homework from schools. I am scared of getting suspended so I ask buyer to cancel and they cancel…

But this is affecting my gig completion and dunno what else… How do you guys tackle this situation so that these type of order cancellations won’t affect your profile?

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Increase your prices and incentivise clients to contact you first for a discount. That way you can select who you want to work with. It’s the only guaranteed way to stop orders without prior contact, make it too expensive to order from you without speaking to you first.

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Thank you, but won’t that drive away a potential client who is legitimate?

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You have to pick your poison. Sure, it can drive people with small budgets away. On the other hand, if you land a sale for $50, that’s equivalent to landing 10 sales for $5. Which would you prefer? If you sell more expensive gigs, you don’t need to sell as many, so you don’t need as many clients anyway. Look for the sweet spot.


Totally agree on this, and from a seller perspective I’d rather focus my attention on delivering an excellent product for 1 customer than have to rush out 10 orders for minimal price. Quality not quantity.

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Clients willing to pay more are in general less prone to be abusive, to leave bad reviews or to try to exploit the seller and cancel. And if your prices are higher on the page and you then offer a discount, clients will feel like they are getting a bargain, so they will be extra satisfied. That will also increase the likelihood of getting a tip. Win-win-win.

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When I was a Fiverr seller 5 years ago and I went up to Level Two I remember raising my prices. The change in customer was dramatic. Clearer requirements, kinder responses and a generally better experience all round.


If you see that the task is clearly violating the rules, contact CS.
I receive essays and academic tasks once in a while, and I always have to cancel them this way.
They will cancel your order, and it won’t affect your stats.


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As a general rule, unless you have a packaged service that is always exactly the same, the price on the page should reflect the worst case scenario for a direct order. No two gigs are ever the same in my field. So if I get an order without prior contact, I need to ensure the price makes sense regardless of the instructions I get. So it has to be higher to compensate. If I have a gig for a 30 second video for, say, $100, if somebody orders directly, I need to be ready to make any 30 second video for that price. If they just want me to just cut two videos together and message me first, I can assess it and send them a custom offer for $20, for example.

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I just want to endorse what @wolfhowler and @visualstudios say.

When you find the confidence to charge more for your work (and extend the delivery time), the difference in the quality of buyers is astounding.

It’s like you’re signalling to low-end buyers “Don’t mess with me. I know what I’m doing, I know the rules around here”. And at the same time you’re signalling to the better quality buyers “I charge more because I’m good, I’m experienced, I’m not desperate. Trust me”.

Like many new sellers, a few years back I used to charge $5 and offer a 24 hour turnaround. Sure I got quite a few jobs, but the quality of work was low and the buyers a bit sketchy at times. And I was always a bit stressed about completing work on time.

But the moment I started to charge a minimum of $10 and at the same time changed my delivery time to 48 hours, the work was generally more interesting, of a higher standard, and the buyers more chilled. As the work was already to a higher standard, it actually took me less time to complete! It was a complete win for me.

About a year ago I decided to offer only a 72 hour turnaround for the same price. I simply wanted to take my foot of the pedal a bit and not be stressed about time deadlines (I have a life outside of Fiverr believe it or not!). The result has been interesting to observe. The people who are prepared to wait three days for a job that might take me only 20 minutes to complete are working with me because they’re good people who aren’t pushy. They just want a quality result. And they’re prepared to wait a bit for that. Now THOSE are my kind of buyers! I should add that I still complete jobs quickly if I can, and buyers love that - but it’s about having the flexibility and the control over my life.

At the moment, I am considering raising my basic rate to $15. It’s still a fair price for the service I offer, but all the old fears about will I get any orders have come flooding back! In my case, if I do raise my price it will put me in the top few percent for the service I offer. I need to think.

But based on my experience, raising your basic price from $5 to $10 is a no brainer.