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Orders that take more than 30 days to finish

Hi guys! I have a question about making custom offers, and the fact that you can’t set the time-frame longer than 30 days.
I’m selling illustrations, and sometimes I get requests for a lot of illustrations at a time. Books for example.
Say I have a request for 100 paintings, witch I can’t possibly finish within 30 days. I usually just divide the order up in sets for four or five pictures at a time. My buyers have been happy with it, since they can pay a smaller amount at a time, in stead of the whole amount at once, witch is a lot easier on their wallets.
But I wonder if there’s anyone that has another, better way of dealing with this? How did you guys solve this problem?
Thank you!

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The way you are handling it seems like a good technique. If I get a large order I normally do that anyway. By splitting up the order, you avoid completing the entire thing and then having the buyer tell you that they aren’t happy with it, and then you have to give the money back. So I’d say the way you are handling it is smart.

Yes, the way you are doing it is good. Fiverr doesn’t do milestone payments like other sites so we have to divide it up ourselves. As the above comment said, the risk is that you could do lots of work only for them to say no. I rarely allow orders to be more than a week long, this keeps my income steady and stops the risk of big cancellations.

Its amazing how logic triumphs in some situations. The decision to split up a project is the most intuitive thing I have had to do on Fiverr when it came to extensive numbers to deliver in one gig. So yes, splitting up the Gig into sizable chunks not only ensure you get paid some of the cost, but also it gives you the seller the advantage of delivering on time, and for the buyer, a good feel of how you work. Glad you posted this question.

Very smart! I like it

I think you’re already on the right path. Cutting them down into sizeable portions allows you to deliver them without hassle of time constraints :wink:

This really only applies for when you realise a gig is going to take longer than 30 days, after the buyer has already accepted your offer.

What I do, is discuss it with them first, and then you can extend the delivery in the resolution centre. They’ll give you a list of options > cick other > type in your specific issue in the details box (this will be visible to the client) > select to extend the delivery time and pick by how much. As of Mar, 2018, you can extend your delivery by as much as 28 days.

Hope this helps!

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