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Orders that you can't do, but customer keep ordering it

Oh, maybe it will be a strange topic, but what you do when somebody ordering something that you just not able to do? I have one customer that order me without any message before ordering.

When i understand that i can’t do his request i send cancelation request and explain him it, he accept request and made order again.

After discussing he told me that he made it again by mistake.

But what now? Now i have cancelation rate below 90% because of this 2 orders.
I’m so sad just can’t express.
Maybe somebody had similar situation.

I would be glad any suggestion that may help it

You can block them right away after cancelling first order so they wouldn’t be able to place any orders with you anymore


Yeah, i could, but what should i do now? My statistic is below the required level. I can be denominated to level 1 seller, right after i finally get all the requirements to be TOP level seller.