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Orders to know about


Hy all
Where do you know that you got an order
Is inbox or any other place too


@engshimul What did you just write? lol. It doesn’t answer the OP’s question at all. Not even close! :rofl:

@angelsdesigns Yep, you not only get notified via e-mail (provided you either have the e-mail notifications enabled or didn’t make any changes to Fiverr’s default e-mail notification settings) but also via Fiverr’s notification system… u know with the red/pink dot that you see beside where it says “Messages” on the top left-hand side of your Fiverr homepage. When you click on messages and select “notifications,” there will be a notification there too… which says “You have a new order and instructions from xyz buyer. Get started.”

If you use Fiverr’s mobile App, you will get notifications on your smartphone, too.


Ops! I’m lost…!!!
Maybe need some rest. :roll_eyes: