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Orders Traffic after getting to level 1


I am a level 1 seller now with 60, 5 start ratings. Since the day i was promoted to level 1, i am not getting the orders. I wanted to ask that is it something normal that happens when you get to level 1 ? I have also contacted CS to check what went wrong.

Its getting scary day by day now


I think it may be normal, as I have seen others post that they experienced this.


Yes i hope its normal. :slight_smile:


Now I am facing this problem after getting a level one badge. :expressionless:
How can I solve this?

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Thanks for sharing these amazing tips and experiences. it’s really inspiring for me. Thanks a lot.

The Problem is still there, I was promoted to Level 2 a month after and then no orders.
After a month i was demoted to level 1 from 2 and i have only got 1 order since then. So i have no idea what is happening but this is really a genuine problem. Looks like its Lucks game after when you reach level 1 and beyond.

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Bro, I’m facing the same issue ?? How are you right now?? Are you getting enough orders?? Should I quit Fiverr or continue??