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Orders? (Why i am not getting)

Why i am not getting orders?? :frowning:

I have no clue. Why?

Wait, I see why. You ripped off other sellers’ gigs word for word and are using them as your own. Just search “body art” and look at the first gig that comes up.

I hope your account is banned very quickly and that you NEVER make any money here on Fiverr.

syedhaider ,

You should really be careful when posting messages here saying that you are not

getting sales. People will click your name and check your gigs, and some people ( including myself) browse through Fiverr a lot to a point where we get pretty good at spotting fake/copy gigs.

I have seen many sellers making the similar mistakes, and the ugly truth gets exposed here on the forum which makes things even worse.

I’m not sure if you are going to read this, but if you do, the very first thing you should

do is at least delete all copy gigs. I hope you show some respect towards

the original seller who has worked hard and has come up with his/her own original idea.

I think that coming up with a unique idea and professional picture to suit it will work just well. Brainstorm and come up with a brilliant idea and make it happen!

Best Of Luck,

:slight_smile: Joe

The Creative Guys

cheezees said: You and kjblynx are much nicer than I.

Are you kidding! This is a tough crowd! ;)

Since I left a comment, I might as well add another one.

It seems like one of the copied gig has been removed which is the first step,

but I believe there is another copied gig you should remove.

You might think it is none of my business, but I myself have had my

gig copied in the past, and it makes me very angry to see gigs like these.

Please show us some respect.

Thank you.

Reply to @zeus777: The gig I know was removed was the one I contacted the original seller about. The seller was so grateful to find out and seemed disgusted by this copycat’s tactics. As for the other blatantly copied gigs, I have no idea why they are not being removed. They are well on their way to being banned, which I think is actually a good thing. It is extremely disrespectful, not to mention against Fiverr rules that we all agreed to. This is not some innocent error. You and kjblynx are much nicer than I. :slight_smile:

Reply to @cheezees:

Take A Look At Them Again

Reply to @zeus777:

Kindly Tell Me About It

Hi, I saw your gigs too. The 300 word article gig and its image doesn’t look very relevant, unless you will write 300 word article about Bet 10 :). But I don’t have sales too, so you can just ignore me :). I had about a hundred, 3 years ago, but I left fiverr and forgot to delete or stop my gigs and a few weeks ago I saw tons of cancellations so I had to change my profile and have fresh start. Hopefully it will work again. All my heading, images and texts are written entirely by me, but they not so unique as we are a web development company.

I saw you also have this kind of gigs so here is an advise from me. I discover, that if you can’t be unique, then you should offer much more for less. But then you should not kill yourself over 5 bucks, so combine the things in the best posible way to deliver very good value for less money and less time consuming. For example, If you offer some kind of tips, then keep track of the tips you’ve already given. Make a big list and then you just copy and paste from it. You will find out how similar are people’s problems :).

Reply to @wadsolutions:

Best Of Luck To You And Me Both :stuck_out_tongue:

Reply to @cheezees:

You and kjblynx are much nicer than I.

I don’t know, I do tend out to pick out fake sellers a lot on the forum, I am sometimes

careful with how I say it, but

I think I have been brutal here and there! :smiley:

I guess some people might say that I ( or you or kjblynx) am being mean/strict,

but I think it is necessary to be very straightforward at times!

There is a fine line between mean and strict, personally I don’t think any of

you ladies are being mean!