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i am not getting orders from buyers can you tell me why ?

is it because of my ratings are below ? tell me


Reply to @mantisa: And im here since three months but no orders since two weeks :frowning:

I guess it just depends on luck when you have done all things right from your end.


i need more comments i am still struglling


please guys tell me


Same here :frowning:

No such orders at my side also. I think those who are new on Fiverr, takes time to be a good seller.

Anyways best of luck!!


It’s like any business, you have to work on it and develop it. Try to do something unique to separate yourself from the competition. Go to the Tips for Sellers forum and READ, READ, READ. Spend time on your business and learning all about Fiverr. You can start here:


@muniba i joined fiver 5 months ago. my sales are deline from a week ago :frowning:


@scoban thankyou


Are you using social media? You have to approach this like any other business.