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Hello! I get my first order but my customer wants the source files. He ordered my Standard gig and I don’t offer source files on standard, what I should do?

I assume you’d want to make it an extra for your gig, and let the Buyer know so s/he pays for it.

Congratulations btw

But, I am new and I want to get my first orders easy.

Thank you.

He/she should have read before ordering ! This is your choice to offer extra or not. Maybe you can do it as it is your first buyer and you want to get a great review, but be careful because extras cost you time, so don’t give too many for free !

just send him a message to explain that you can deliver source file with extra gig so he can accept or decline it.

Be polite and tell him that it was not a part of the package ordered.
They can get it by paying some extra money.
Tell them that you abide by your rules.

you shouldn’t get scared. act like professional and deal with him in your fierce way.

It’s your first order, C’mon give him the source file. :smiley:

Thanks you very much

Just give him source file what you are going to do with that? Nothing
But you’ll surely improve your chances getting a 5 star review will be a good start
Even i threw 2 source files when i started selling

The same thing come to my mind when i read the post …This is your first project so just be little flexible for it… :slight_smile:

Do it for the buyer, because he/she is your first buyer. If you are lucky he will rate you well, then you zoom off.

Right, since he is your first customer, you can give him the source file for free. His order will definitely attract more orders

Absolutely do it for free, no doubt, go a head, this is your first gig, so u’ll get good rate

Just send it over to him… Inform him first that he ordered the wrong GIG BUT let him know that you will give it to him for free because he is a first time customer.

It is more than likely that they will be a repeat customer and they will refer people to you. So I’d just go along with it but first inform them that you are providing the service at no extra charge to them.

I agree. Give he/she the source file but make it clear that this is a one time exception and it will not happen again unless it comes with a gig extra.

Hello, if you want extra for source file then you can convince buyer, if buyer agree to pay then you can send custom offer for your buyer, but if buyer not agree to pay and ask vector source file then i suggest you can give, because you are new here so you mostly need feedback rating from buyers.

so think about it. thanks

I think you should give the source files since this is your first order, after that please edit
the gig and add gig extras