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Ordre Cancelled With Mutual Agreement


An order was completed by me and delivered.
The buyer was not happy with the first result.
Then I redisigned it, the result was a lot better according to the buyer. but was not up to the standards of the company.
I said ok I will refund you your amount. we agreed.
today he asked me what should he do, I explained him that he should accept the delivery and mark the order as complete, and the amount will be transfered to my account. and then I will make a refund.
But he went ahead and cancelled it with mutual agreement.
Question is, “how bad this is gonna hurt my position”?


How you were going to refund him after completing the order? :thinking: there is only one way to cancel the order and it’s only mutual cancellation while order is still active
It will only hurt your “order completion” ratio


you mean completion ratio?
yes that has reduced it.


It has hurt my completion ratio, but the buyer is gonna see that, and obviously will reduce the chances of me getting the order.


As I’m aware, buyer don’t see our statistics
(Correct me if I’m wrong, but I haven’t seen anything like that when checking other sellers through buyer profile)


I was seriously wondering


Thats a relief. :slight_smile:


thanks @mariashtelle1


Hey Maria :slightly_smiling_face::+1: are you sure it doesn’t make changes on other statistics, like GIG impressions or rankings?


There is no way provided by the fiverr for sellers to refund the buyer.The only way is to cancel the order before delivery.


this is tos violation ! :slight_smile: You have to be careful than this


Yes I agree with you.


What is TOS violation?
I dont see any violation in cancelling any order with mutual agreement.

#14 read this :slight_smile: this is the way to cancel a order ! you can’t force buyers to accept your order and then refund. how you going to refund him ? trough paypal email ? handover money ? man ! come on, I don’t what will happen next time stick with the rules. you are not allowed to share any private details or contact details with buyers.


Well, how can you transfer money if he mark the order complete? mutual cancellation done by your buyer is as expected, but if this cancellation is done after the deadline then you will get one star rating automatically.


No am not forcing the buyer for accepting the order. and thanks for sharing the article.
I am also on another platform, where I can refund after the completion of the agreement or contract. I thought the case will be the same here, thats why I asked him to do so. I didn’t force him, I know I should force anyone. and I certainly didn’t share any other contacts. :slight_smile:


Well, i see drastic changes in views/clicks after every order cancellation, recently due to the buyers negligence and ignorance, i had to cancel my order after the deadline, which costed a lot to me, i got one star rating and conversion went down from 5% to 0.5%.:disappointed_relieved:


Well in my case the cancellation is on “mutual agreement”.
so what I have noticed, that this cancellation is not showing in my gig status and my overall rating is still 5.
so I hope its not gonna effect my ranking or impressions.


Well, as far as the rating is concerned, you will get one star rating if and only if the order is cancelled after deadline, so here you are safe.

Coming to the ranking or impression, it will definitely has some effects.


We don’t have any proof for that. A lot of people saying that after cancellations rank and impressions are dropping, as for me sometimes it does happen sometimes it doesn’t