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Organic sales on Fiverr, non existent?

After receiving six very positive reviews I let my gigs sit on Fiverr untouched for months to see what happened.

Impressions dropped around ten fold and I haven’t received a single order in that whole time. It seems the only way to get sales is from the buyer request section and ninety percent of those are severely underpaid for amount of work required.

So the question is, if Fiverr doesn’t drive any sales why should I be paying 25% of my earnings to it rather than making my own site and paying closer to 5%? If I have to promote my stuff, why would I promote the Fiverr brand rather than my own?

I know this is blasphemy to most of you but I’m failing to see the benefit of Fiverr right now, how many positive reviews would I need to make Fiverr worth the percentage it takes? What is the actual benefit of this site?


You can make 80% here or leave. That’s the choice. It’s up to you if you don’t like it.


Ok, but I’m genuinely asking, what are the benefits of Fiverr over going it alone? (Other than the simplicity).


As someone who has had websites before, this is well worth it. You won’t necessarily make one cent with your own site.

In fact if you can’t earn money on fiverr you probably won’t earn any with your own site either. That’s 1000 times harder.


Fiverr allows you to freelance with no outlay whatsoever. You only pay when you make a sale.

It is up to you to weigh up the pros and cons. Only then can you make your own informed choice as to whether or not this is suitable for you.


You get more exposure for your skills on fiverr than you would with your own site. No one would see your services on your own site and decide to hire you. I don’t mean you personally. I mean that getting traffic of interested buyers is next to impossible without a big expenditure and knowing what to do.

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That’s what I’m saying though. I’m not getting barely any exposure from Fiverr which is making me question it’s worth. It feels like that should be the main benefit.

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It’s not that hard to get exposure if you put some thought and effort into your gigs. People do it all the time.

In your case letting them sit idle for a long time isn’t helping you. It might be time to make some new ones to add to your selections.

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So I have to promote my gigs to get impressions, which leads me back to - why shouldn’t I put in that leg work for my own site instead if it’ll get the same result.

I don’t see how adding more gigs will dramatically increase the impressions fiver is giving me.

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Just imagine what the situation might be now if you hadn’t done this.

Suggest you do what you did to get the initial sales.


Nope. You have to work on your gigs.

Ok, I tried. Just let it sit a little longer without doing anything then.
Maybe something will change without doing anything.

If you have your own site do you think you make it and sit back doing nothing? It’s constant work, just like this is. This is called work. It means you do stuff. You try things. It costs you nothing to try new things.


And done what instead? Leading back to one of my original questions, how many positive reviews do I need to get to make Fiverr worth it?

I was on the front page for a while in my relevant searches and got zero organic sales.

What I did to get the original sales is work for below minimum wage on buyer requests.

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Olie no one can answer that. You have to try new things yourself, not sit back waiting.

I worked for six years for $5 sales seven days a week here. You have to put in some effort.


You keep mentioning putting in work, which I’m fine in doing but the work you’re talking about is marketing and promotion. Why would I do this for Fiverr rather than my own site if it comes to the same result?

Feel like I’m talking in circles.


I told you what work I meant. Did I say marketing and promotion? No.

Go back and read what I told you to do. Then let me know if you understood it.


Lots of new sellers reduce their prices until they move up the levels. You have to build a business and it takes time and effort.

You also have to have a positive mindset or it will not work.

Ultimately it is your choice.


I sincerely doubt that many or even most would consider a simple question like this blasphemy.

First of all, though, why do you think you pay 25%? Last time I checked, it was 20%, did that change lately?

If you can get the same amount of people to buy from you/revenue on your own site, and want to take care of all the hassle with setting up payment systems, terms of service, whatever-compliance, etc., and end up with costs of business of just 5% vs. 20%, then sure, by all means do it, absolutely, no reason to not.

A lot of people do get organic sales here and many say they use the buyer request feature rarely or never. Personally, I did use it often when I started, then less, and there are long stretches of time when I don’t even look at it “just in case”.

If you never get organic sales and don’t want to go to the trouble of using BR (but you’re in for work as well if you want to drive people to your own site), then Fiverr might not be the right place for you.

But as already noted, it doesn’t cost you a single penny unless you actually sell and earn, so there’s no good reason to not do both, have your gigs here while you try getting sales with your own site. Once you’ve had your own site for a while, you’ll see that “getting organic sales” is tied to costs and work, it doesn’t mean that people will find your site and buy from you, just because your site is there.

You also need to factor in that no matter how many people complain on the internet about Fiverr, Amazon, whichever big company, still most people will trust a big company much more easily with their credit card details and money than some one person they don’t know who just put up a site a week or month or year ago.


There is just one reason your gigs aren’t selling right now.

It’s your job to figure that out and make the changes in them needed.


All you’ve said is to put thought and effort into my gigs. Besides having already done that and asked for advice to improve them on the forums multiple times, how will that help with such low impression numbers?


How will that help? Because your gigs will become ones people want to buy.

This isn’t rocket science. It’s trial and error.

People become top rated sellers in one year now with more work than they can handle. Why? Because lots of people want to buy their services.