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Organization and timing

Hello all,

I am not sure if this topic is already opened but I wanted to ask your opinions about organization and timing.

How much time do you spend on computer daily ?
How do you organize yourself - like do you make plans for example I will work from 07 am till 17pm then from 17 pm to 19 pm I go to gym or other activities…

Spending all day and night on Pc can affect boy and mind a lot so I am curious how do you organize yourself to keep everything balanced


I always check on Fiverr first thing in the morning. If I have orders I communicate with the buyers. When I work on the orders depends on my day. If I am subbing, I work in the late afternoon or evening. If I have plans for the day, I fit my work in when I can. All of my gigs are set to be completed in 2+ days to give me a cushion.


Thank you for replay ! I also check my Fiverr / emails and similar things first in morning . I registered like a week ago or so and now it become main thing. It seems very nice here and organization is always key I think.


Do you have the Fiverr app? You can use that to reply when you’re away from your computer. You can also tell clients you’re away and will get back to them soon. They don’t expect you to be in front of a PC 24/7 or to keep regular office hours.

Is Fiverr your full-time job? Is it paying enough?


I just started on Fiverr like a week ago and few mins ago I made my first sell/job completed.
I tried to download app. but it say my mobile phone is not supported - like it does not support current version , I have Samsung Galaxy Core 2 do you maybe know if there is anywhere older versions ?

I hope I can get enough experience in future from Fiverr

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