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Organize our favorites, purchases and deliverables

I’ve purchased a LOT of gigs on Fiverr, and often I have to go in and find something that I had done earlier. I would love it if I could see all of my delivered goods / projects in one place so I don’t have to dig through stuff. For example, I use one guy to do a lot of transcribing for me. If I want to go back and find something that he did for me, I have to look through everything he’s done for me one at a time. Instead, I should just be able to click on “Deliverables” and see everything that everyone has done for me in one place. I’d also like to see, in one view, all of my favorite “Sellers” and their different gigs. Finally, I’d love it if Sellers would include even faster options, such as 2 or 4 hours.