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Origami related article


This afternoon I made a new Gig. It’s about article/blog writing, involving origami. Just an experiment :wink:

I was wondering, are the prices I offer reasonable? Aren’t they too high? I have no experience with pricing article Gigs. Whenever I do research, prices vary from $5 to 100$.

Anyways, every bit of criticism is welcome!


$15 sounds fair considering your competition, but I’m not sure how much traffic this gig will get.
I’d say, write your own book and try to sell it on Amazon. Or maybe create a blog and try to get subscribers who will eventually turn into customers for an online course or something.


To be honest, I don’t think a lot of traffic will come to this Gig, though I am the only one offering this service ^^


I agree with you …onepaperfold


I checked your portfolio and it’s obvious that you actually know what you’re doing and more importantly you seem to passionate about it. If I needed an article I’d hire you, but I’m afraid your target audience will order a book from Amazon or watches YouTube videos.

I think you should probably tap into social media, YouTube and sell DIY courses.


Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll think about it.


You probably know your target audience better than I do, but I’d put together really simple How-To brochures and send those to schools. You can promote your brand and maybe even get some kids sign up for you DIY courses (if you have any).

Another option would be combining your service with branding. I think there are plenty of paper companies and businesses selling art stuff. They would promote their brand with your skills :wink:


Haha you don’t want to know what kind of offers people want from me ^^, a special desing for a folded invoice including business cards inside of it, wrapping designs for lemons, you name it.
It’s funny what people can come up with.

How-to brochures could be fairly intersting, thanks for the suggestion! I have never made a course, though.
Most tutorials etc. are on Youtube, for free. I do have to say that I still get asked to make tutorials and what not. I also get contacted a lot to design/make things people can’t make on their own.

Right now I’m trying to expand my Instagram account, it’s going quite well.