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Original Creative Writing for YOU! New Seller Here!

Hi everyone,

I write custom original stories for you! Yes, you! Ever fancied being put into a universe that is all your own? Reading about your own adventures? Or do you just want some fluffy romance in an original story? Either way- I’m the one for you! With two years of experience writing requests for my followers on a different platform, I would love to bring my knowledge onto Fiverr and deliver quality works to my customers.

Feel free to PM me with any questions or just to chat.

Thanks a million,

You are welcomed here…

I really appreciate your welcoming, means a lot to know the community here is so wholesome and accepting :smiley:

Welcome. Please be careful when writing fan fiction. There is a very fine line between fair use and copyright infringement.

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Thank you so much for your feedback!

I always strive to make my stories surrounding original concepts, and providing readers with satisfaction feeling as though they are part of their selected fantasy world. In this way, I do not claim ownership over any of the copyrighted characters or worlds I use. I try to be very careful, and only decided to start writing for commissions when I saw other gigs like my own.

I’m not sure if you know the answer to this- I’m assuming unless I am explicitly claiming or using others’ copyrighted work to be my own, fanfiction writing services are acceptable on here? It did not state it was not acceptable on the TOS and I saw numerous other gigs like mine. However, if this is not an acceptable gig to be running, I will most definitely and swiftly remove my gig from the marketplace. Again, not sure if you know the answer, but I want to make sure I am doing everything by the rules.

Thanks so much for your help!

It probably isn’t worth the risk of using copyrighted characters in the stories. So it’s probably better not to have fan-fiction if that’s using that, but instead create fiction where there won’t be any copyrighted things used. Fan-fiction might be okay with some if it’s non-profit/fair use but if someone’s making a profit (paid service) that won’t be a valid exemption I’d imagine.

Ah, okay. I’ll amend my gig now, just taking out the Fanfiction parts. I am surprised people are still taking the risk to write FF on here TBH… I hadn’t thought about the for profit exemption. Thanks for your help <3


You could always ask Fiverr if it’s an acceptable gig. They are very avoidant when it comes to copyright questions though so you may never find the answer. I have learned from experience that just because someone else is offering a service it does not mean it is allowed. If you do an internet search there is another avenue to monetise fan fiction safely. I dunno if I’m allowed to link to external sites on here though.

Fan fiction will be fine. Just dress stories up in a way to exclude actual characters from existing work. i.e. In a Dr Who fan fiction piece, you could have Dr. Loo who travels through time and space in a blue portaloo.

Most of the time, existing copyright holders are fine with fan fiction. However, you do get exceptions like when CBS tried to sue anyone creating Star Trek derivative works on YouTube.

Maybe do some research starting with articles like the following:

It might be okay - if every fan fiction that was based on copyrighted/trademarked things was a parody. But buyers of the fan fiction might not want that. It still might be risky in terms of increasing the chances of a Fiverr warning even if everything was okay with them, eg. if the gig was flagged.

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