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Original portrait removed - could it be reinstated?

I made a new gig for an original digital watercolor portrait. The example portrait in the gig gallery took about an hour to make.

Within an hour, it was taken down for not being original, and I was sent a threatening email about there being “issues with my account.”

I sent customer support a message asking them to reinstate my gig because it was, in fact, entirely my work and I didn’t violate any policies. But do you think there’s any chance of that happening?


If you can prove it is your own work, they will reinstate it - eventually.

It’s getting to the stage here that we all have to screenshot and video everything we do to protect ourselves against this type of thing.

Good luck.


Yes as long as you can prove that it’s your work. I would advise also to attach source files to your message to CS to help them in making a decision


I suppose that’s good news, thanks!

Fiverr does not threaten, the provide valid reasons. Just because their wording is pointed, does not mean that they are threatening you.

If you were polite and respectful in your message to Support, then you might find resolution. If you were rude, accusatory, or demanding, then there likely will be no hope of resolution. Always be friendly when interacting with CS.

This is a bit of a tangent and I’m not sure I see the purpose, but the email did literally include a threat - specifically, a threat of suspension: “This is your first warning. If you repeat this violation or continue to violate Fiverr’s TOS, your account will be suspended.”

As for “valid reasons” - the reason they provided for the removal - unoriginality - was definitely not valid in my case, since my gig was entirely the result of my original work.

However, the email I sent them was polite. I’m frustrated about being penalized for something I didn’t do (and see nothing wrong with feeling that way), but I wouldn’t take it out on CS people.

Was the example portrait based on an existing image (eg. one already online) like a celebrity and if it was based on an existing image was that image okay to use rights-wise?

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That is standard clarification when Fiverr issues TOS warnings. You appear to have broken one of the TOS rules, and Fiverr is stating, “don’t do it again”. Fiverr has a strong, limited-tolerance when it comes to TOS violations.

The only thing any of us can advise in regards to this is to make sure Fiverr has ample proof that the work is yours. Is everything about the work 100% created by you in every possible way, or, did you start with a source image (which could be found elsewhere), and applied filters of some sort to that found image? I’m not accusing, I’m just clarifying that if there was a source image involved, perhaps that is what Fiverr deemed to be not original to you.

Excellent. I’m glad to hear this.

In truth, this really is something that can only be pursued, addressed, or resolved between you and CS. There really isn’t anything to the alternative that any of us can advise. Fiverr is the final say when it comes to rules violations (regardless of true validity). Your interactions with them is the only way to get this resolved.

First, was it a watercolour of something in real life or did you do it from a copyrighted photograph? If so, that wouldn’t be allowed. But if it’s truly original, I hope you can get your gig reinstated, because that sounds amazing! Next time round you should also put a signature at the lower right of your painting, much like you would for a real oil painting.

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