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Originality- A lost art

Although, I have had the honor to work on Fiverr quite recently my working experience exceeds a few years. If there is only one thing I take away from this experience is the realization that the originality in most of the writings, especially in online articles and blog posts, has become dangerously rare, Such written material is teeming over the scope of electronic media and sadly it is nothing more than a plain old sales pitch.
Writers have shifted their interest, apparently due to the shit in interests of their employers, from writing meaningful content to content with the sole purpose of selling a product. Such a method of writing is fundamentally flawed as it is being abused and aims for the success of only the employer.
Writing meaningful content can not only be informative and of tremendous favor to the readers but also works wonders for the employers in terms of conversion as people have become tired of recurrent and unauthentic attempts of writing and need something of benefit to them which can be in terms of original thought, new ideas, writing for the purpose of expanding the intellectual spectrum of the reader and not just to sell one’s product.
Originality, at least the closest one can get to originality, is the best thing about my work. In this world full of content designed to exploit the common mind for materialistic purposes, original thought is a must for salvation. And the best part is, it sells.
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Yes, darn those dastardly sell-out writers always writing the shit people pay them to.