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OT Comments-Other Issue (Pulled from other thread)

oh god you dont know im dealing with someone like him right now but not because my work is bad its because he left a bad review without me even doing the work

A buyer can only leave a review if you’ve delivered an order. It looks like you declined his offer of work, so I’m unsure how the order was completed and a bad review left. Why don’t you start a new thread in conversations to see if anybody else can help you?


yeh i will when i get back home problem is i made a mistake i refunded his money on paypal so my account doesnt get harmed with cancellations

Words fail me! Do you know how many ToS items you broke?

Don’t bother asking in conversations - I’m afraid you’ll only be told the same thing multiple times.


i know i made a big mistake i contacted fiverr support :frowning: you think thy will ban me?

I really have no idea, but good luck!


im kinda scared i know i f’ed up but I DONT Really know :frowning: thanks

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This is a first to read about someone refunding an order on Paypal so you don’t have a cancellation, then getting a bad review.

If you had refunded him by a cancellation, he wouldn’t have been able to leave a review after that.

So to top it off you told customer support you sent him money by Paypal. Was this a guilt thing, to confess your sin?

Good luck.

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