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OT Discussion From "Why New Sellers are so Expensive


Good for you. Meanwhile I will continue to be reasonably compensated for my time. If another seller wants to get ripped off that’s on them. Get off my case.

Why new sellers are so expensive?
Why new sellers are so expensive?
Why new sellers are so expensive?

He doesn’t feel ripped off. He has over 30 orders in his queue at all times. He lives in Sri Lanka where the economy is different from western countries. This is our competition.
I’m not on your case.


I agree. It’s too bad people can’t leave it at what you said. Everyone has to try to contest me. Bad move on their end.


Like I said, my pricing strategy works well for me. If you’re not on my case, don’t message me anymore. Thanks.


You made a statement that wasn’t true. If you do that people might correct you here. Calm down.


Understand that there are people here not just from the U.S. but in third world countries who are happy to work for $5.


I doubt misscrystal was messaging you - she was replying to your post on a public forum. You may get a message to say she’s replied to you, but that’s not the same as her messaging you.

Time for a walk and a cup of tea maybe? :slight_smile:


I really don’t care…Good for them.


Perhaps :slight_smile:


I agree! It’s not unreasonable for a “newbie” seller to charge more than $5. Compensation for time and energy spent is key. There are no free lunches.


That’s not true. There are great sellers who do high quality work for $5. If you don’t want to work for less than $10, it’s up to you, but why offend those who accept to work for $5?

There’s no reason to be rude.


Goodbye. :slight_smile:


Arrogance and entitlement go together until they fall down from their own ego and break their neck.
It lasts as long as they get cancellations and people asking for revisions… they cannot deal with their own ego, that’s the formula to failure, but… who cares?
They even don’t know that the best buyers google their sellers and find all their messages here in an open forum: who wants to work with arrogant people?
Let’s see how long their way go until we find them here asking for help, that they’re not willing to take now.
They will put their prices lower from alone and beg for help or new orders.
I’ve seen this thousand times :grin:
I just sit by the river… watching at the current :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Have never gotten a cancellation once. Just completed a repeat order. My way works well for ME; not sure why that’s so hard for so many people to grasp. There’s nothing arrogant about fair compensation for my time and energy spent.


I sit by the river… watching the current… :musical_note:
The best buyers sit by Google and google their potential sellers….
I envision a short life of average clients… :notes:

This is the new song playing in the Radio last days…


That’s just it, its all about time spent. Spend 5 minutes per 5 dollar gig and your making 48 dollars per hour and after taxes etc your still cashing out over 20 dollars an hour. Still not a good salary but in my part of the world that’s still a bit better than a minimum wage soul killing job.


Ok the type of work I do takes more than “5 minutes.” My line of work requires thought, research, writing, editing, revisions, proofreading, etc.

There is no way I am doing all of that for only $5.00. Everyone needs to accept that my Fiverr strategies work for me and stop trying to change my mind.

I’ve been doing well with my current gig prices and getting good reviews, so obviously I’m doing something right.




I once decided to forgo a seller because of some really awful, nasty, unprofessional things he said on the forum. My first thought, “Yikes, this is going to be a difficult seller.” He also had innovative ways to rip off buyers, after purchase, with gig extras via custom offer.

Granted, that post was like 2 or 3 years old, but I don’t care.


Sure, nothing wrong with only offering more extensive services but in pretty much every line of work there are specific tasks that can be done in a matter of minutes for those who choose to do so.


Not with writing. I am a professional freelance writer. In THIS line of work, you cannot complete that task in “a matter of minutes.” So sorry to tell you…