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OT Discussion - What to do?


WOAH…looks like someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed today.
You doing good dude?

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Found an Iphone.. What to do?

I always hate Millenials. They are the sole reason behind why no one aged over 30 in the West will ever be able to retire.

Otherwise, I’m fine. Apparently, I’m wealthy enough to be granted residency on a small Island called Pitcairn. Either that or buy a Dutch barge to live on and roam the rivers of Europe. Now that such things are possible, though, I’ve realized that I actually don’t like the idea of anywhere more expansive than my little 9x5 mile island in it’s Mediterranean 1960’s time bubble.

It might be that I have to get more wealthy in order to annihilate the rest of the habitable world so that I can make it in my own image.


It sounds like you like to live on islands. First Skye and now Malta and maybe Pitcairn. Now I need to go look up where that is. :thinking:


I am island person but so far I have not found the perfect island. I need mountains, trees, running fresh water and Mediterranean heat.

The only place like this is Cyprus but Cyprus has spiders and is subsequently a deal breaker. Pitcairn would be perfect.


I looked Pitcairn up. It has an interesting history. And it is not very populated. That would be quite a move for you!


The Galapagos, maybe?


The Galapagos do not have much in the way of trees! :deciduous_tree: :evergreen_tree::palm_tree:


Snakes …

Also, I need European beer and wine…

It’s probably going to be a boat of some sort. However, still all pipe dreams really. I’m more looking forward to tomorrow and my first real day off in ages to get the crazy writer hair removed and start some good old fashioned pre-10am Christmas beer and Jagermeister indulgences.

It’s quite bad actually, I struggle so much with freeing personal time prior to 7pm that tomorrow will be the first day since late 2015 that I have seen my friend Manuel sober. If only I could get this blooming video about plankton finished…



My research tells me that the Galapagos have 1/3 of their area covered by forests, which is the same proportion for the overall Mother Earth. But, I may be wrong, therefore, I believe there are better options for Cy.


Sorry, my bad. I thought you were from Austrailia. Those blokes have a way with snakes.
Anyways, I think a boat would be a far better choice. No snakes there…well, not entirely.


You sound more like a 90’s villain that just hates young people…you lookin for henchmen?


I looked at pictures only. It looked pretty dry and bare with scrubby trees. And I think I was getting it mixed up with the Easter Islands which were deforested so the natives could build their stone heads and transport them.