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Other cancellations

If buyers gave an order and he/she wants to cancel it for any reason what would be the impact on sellers account? For example,

  1. If buyers make an order twice?
  2. If they order and realize that made a mistake?
  3. If they just have money related issues and want to cancel ?
  4. If a buyer is confused but placed an order?
  5. If a buyer just got a cheaper gig and want to cancel running order?

In All these situations, seller has nothing to do with but seller’s account is affected by these whether seller has no idea that a buyer can just walk away!
What is the best suggestions for me as a seller?
Thank you for reading :slightly_smiling_face:

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best idea is to contact support and ask them to cancel the order without affecting your account…

I just received an order literally 5 minutes ago … and he only wrote ‘’ Can you cancel the order please and thank you ‘’ Without any kind of reason… or explanation so why should this affect me ?

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It happened to me as well, 1 buyer did a order twice and another one just made wrong planning for work order.

I had one that ordered 2 extras… and he wanted to cancel one of them , obviously we don’t have options to partially cancel orders

In my both difficulties I went to fiverr online support, they are amazing in one word and extremely helpful, quick service. Motivated me to work on!


Time ago I received an order, but the buyer didn’t read the description. I cancelled the order and I went to fiverr support.

They reviewed the case and understood that it was not my fault, the cancellation is maintained but it didn’t affect my statistics

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It’s really nice if you have a strong support system. Life is easy for freelancers in fiverr.