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Other Fiverr designers using my logo designs in their gig pictures

I have found SEVERAL logo designers here on that are using my designs in their listings. I have sent them all messages but there are still a few who are not removing my logo designs from their gig pictures. I know I can send DMCA notices, but I try to go directly to the offending designer first…

How do you handle these situations? TIA!

You can report. :slightly_smiling_face:

I am new to the Fiverr community. :slight_smile: Do you report to Fiverr? I’ve been searching on how to do this but most be overlooking something. Thanks so much for taking the time to reply! :slight_smile:


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Use that flag on the gig page

Ahh! That’s missing on my platform. No wonder I couldn’t find it! LOL. Thank you!

you wont see this in at your gig.

the report is only available in other sellers gigs

The picture I showed is from the seller’s gig that stole my image…it’s not my gig. :frowning:

why did you favorite this gig?

maybe you can’t do because of this

I’ll un-favorite it…I favorited it and added it to a list I created of other Fiverr designers who are using my artwork…makes it easy for me to follow up to ensure they have removed my design.

I did un-favorite it and I still don’t have the flag icon to use. Maybe it’s because I am a new seller to Fiverr?

Hi and welcome :slight_smile:
Just contact customer support :smiley:

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but you could also contact fiverr CS for this.

Will do! Thank you, I appreciate your help!

Thank you! I will contact them, thank you for your help!