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Other Option For Banning Seller Account

Hi Fiverrians,
I ponder all night after receiving several emails from friends home and abroad that account has been disabled. I don’t think permanently disabling seller’s account is the best option for Fiverr. There could be some other punish but permanently disabling a seller account will give room for cheat, i.e., a seller that his/her account got disable will still come back on Fiverr in disguise (I believe with this Fiverr is encouraging seller operating multiple accounts). I think with the fast-growing market, Fiverr should look into “PERMANENTLY DISABLING” sellers account.

Some do not receive a warning before their ban, I ask Fiverr; what is the use of the warning on the analytics. If sellers would not be warned before account been disabled, that is not fair.
What do you think:

  • Should Fiverr find another way to deal with Seller that Violate her TOS
  • Permanently disable their account.
  • The seller should pay a fine

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This almost certainly happened a lot, and probably still does. But I think Fiverr’s verification checks will clamp down on it somewhat. It’s not too difficult to get a new IP address and payment method, but it’s harder to get hold of a new identity.


There have been sellers with multiple accounts from the beginning. Fiverr doesn’t encourage them, though; if someone gets banned after a successful verification of their ID, how will they ever create a new selling account again?

That is true. It depends on what they did, just like in real life. For a minor offence, you might have to pay a fine or you might be able to get away with a warning, but for something else, you’d go to prison.

If Fiverr discovers that a seller is scamming buyers, why would they want to give that seller a second chance? If a seller did something really bad, wouldn’t you want that seller permanently banned from the platform, too?


Really, this isn’t about account bans. It is about the omnipotence / infallibility which freelance platforms overall benefit from when deciding who can use their services and who can’t.

If you break the rules, you should be banned.

However, freelance platforms should be held accountable for making mistakes or breaking their own TOS, especially when this can impact sellers who have not done anything wrong financially.

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I don’t think it easy scamming a buyer on here, we have seen cases of where buyers cheat seller. They get free job and charge back, even after leaving a 5 star review. If a a seller is involve in scam, it best to disable the account. How do you know a seller is into scam?

I have a different punishment in mind for TOS violations – one you haven’t included on your questionaire.

Anybody caught breaking the rules should have to spend a whole week on the forum replying to sellers asking “how i rank gig?”


Hahaha I second this, @ahmwritingco:

Anybody caught breaking the rules should have to spend a whole week on the forum replying to threads asking “how i rank gig?”


I just think banning is not the best option, the person might be put on force vacation or some other punishment.

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yeah, i totally agree with you … totally banning shouldn’t be the first option but there should be some limitation of this punishment …like a seller can only be punished 3 times after that he should get permanent banned

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Selling plagiarized content and copyrighted materials as their own original work, for example.

Or building a backdoor that enables them to destroy the client’s site.


Yes it should.

In the incidents where you are banned without warnings, Fiverr as a business would be compromised and also liable legally if that seller were to continue to exist.

Legally it would be very, very unwise if Fiverr let a scammer or spammer go with a slap on the wrist. They have no incentive at all to let this continue. It would just be a favor to the offending party and Fiverr isn’t in the business of favors.

Can these people still offend in other ways on Fiverr if they are banned, yes, but that is no reason to not ban something. Fiverr has to take official action to protect their brand legally and in terms of public relations.


I agree with you :100:

While at the same time being careful of the rule (in the terms of service) about agreeing not to “… attempt to derive [the site’s] underlying ideas, algorithms…”.

How much is someone allowed to guess/say about how to rank on Fiverr or how the search/ranking algorithm might work without getting in trouble with that rule :thinking:? Though Fiverr’s own help pages etc. talk about SEO for the site.


I think having multiple accounts is not good. You can easily can another id designed by professional graphic designers. Fiverr don’t have access to all database to verify these ids, as famous as voiceoverpete is both on Fiverr and offline, his account got banned over an order delivered for video game company “John wick need your ******** details to get off the tower” he was only doing what the buyer asked. What did he get in return…?

I thought the secret to gaining the no.1 spot was to stay online 24/7 and share your Gig on social media. :smiley:

In all seriousness, though, you make a good point. I may use that quote from the TOS as an excuse to stay away from those annoying threads.



Oh @ahmwritingco, you’re giving me such a good time :rofl: :wink:

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I thought the secret to gaining the no.1 spot was to stay online 24/7 and share your Gig on social media

Oh, shoot! I forgot about one vital step. You also have to write “thanks for this valuable information” over and over again on the forum. The more you write it, the higher your Gig ranks. :crazy_face::joy:


Thanks for the valuable information.

:thinking::joy::joy:Now I’m waiting for my gigs to
rise like an extinct dragon from Sheol and suddenly have 1200 order in queue😂


Forgery is illegal. You can go to prison for that. “Don’t permanently ban someone because they can decide to break the law and engage in criminal activity in order to create another account” is not a good reason to keep someone on the platform. Or do you think that someone who wouldn’t mind breaking the law of every country in the world should be welcome on Fiverr, and allowed to keep their account indefinitely?

If a buyer orders an article that promotes murder, for example, only doing what a buyer asked isn’t much of an excuse.


Fiverr has a system in place that can identify such sellers who, after having been banned from the platform, come back and create new accounts. Somehow, they are able to identify such sellers without even having to ask them to verify their ID.

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