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Other People´s Occupation That You Appreciate

We know there is no such thing as everybody does the same thing, simply coz people have different needs, different passions, different goals, and life itself is dynamic. What you do for your clients is needed (and of course appreciated) by your clients. But what is it that other people do (other people´s occupation) that you appreciate? Tell me two of them! :slight_smile:

Mine are fishermen (for my love for fish and the fruits of the sea and I can imagine the challenges they have to face, so they are heroes in my book) and firefighters (I have never been in a fire and hopefully I would never, but I heard firefighters also sometimes are called to rescue a pet that got stuck somewhere. They are heroes in my book as well). Of course there are many more occupations that I appreciate, but those two are the ones that came up in my mind first spontaniously. :slight_smile:


Soldiers. Specifically Indian Army.

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@writer99025 And one more occupation please (you must mention two occupations in this thread). :grin: :relaxed:

Entrepreneurs…Specifically tech start-up entrepreneurs.

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I appreciate them too! I really fancy new useful inventions. :slight_smile:

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Truck drivers - They face so many hardships and live almost everyday outside home. They can’t go home even if they want. They face so many troubles while transporting supplies to us. Those are real heroes with army, farmers and police.

Policemen - They are responsible for our safety. Sometimes when a big festival is coming then they have to stay on roads for safety of people and their leaves are canceled. They also spend most of their time outside home. People call them corrupt but the fact is they’re paid minimum wage which is barely good to run home.


@zeeshan_tirmizi So many heroes in this life and we sometimes don´t even realise or take them for granted. Some heroes are unsung.

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This week, I very much appreciate air conditioner repairmen because mine broke. And, anyone who works for the power company because at least I had power to run some fans.

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:radioactive:Janitors/House Cleaners ~ cleaning other people mess :poop: is a dirty tough job.
:motorway: Toll Booth Workers ~ Asking drivers if they need a receipt all day, and stuck in a shoe box of a building is rough.

Ran out of :heart_decoration: hearts… I’ll revisit this thread later!


It is a tough one.

:microscope: - Scientists, gotta be number one as most of them help us find out how things work. Personally, I am in love with science as my college degree is something in between both science and business (agricultural economics).

:iphone: - The guys from my local tech shop, as they have the patience for me and are always helpful even though I might be a lot boring for them especially, before I need to buy something and when I am doing a research.


I’d happily include ALL occupations involved in serving others if I could. But, as I am limited to just two…

Armed forces - Purely because they dedicate their lives to protecting a country that (often) doesn’t do the same for them.
Mental health workers - They help society’s most vulnerable citizens.


@tracybarnhart I use AC only in the summer like now. I get my AC cleaned at least one a year. Thanks to them guys. :slight_smile:

@nikavoice Indeed Janitors have a tough job. I can´t even imagine. And Toll Booth Workers are exposed to pollution everyday. :worried:

@gig_freak Scientists have helped us in many things. :slight_smile:

@mrproofreading Mental health workers must have a lot of patience. I can´t even imagine. Bless them. :slight_smile:


I want to add home care workers to that…women (they are mostly women) who take care of the elderly and the disabled. I have an 82 year old grandmother who has been immobile for the last 6 years. There is no way my aunt could have looked after her without the help of care workers. God bless them. That reminds me, I have to visit my grandmother sometime. [And God bless people like my aunt who take care of their aged parents as well…that is a thankless job, and often very depressing.]