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Other sellers ask too personal questions - what is going on?

Hi everyone!
For the last few weeks, I’ve got many similar questions from like MANY different sellers (mostly, from the same country) and they ask me if I have Facebook, Instagram, if I am married or not, where I live, what is my main job, how old I am and other. Or they ask for a job! Me! I am a seller :laughing:

I have no idea, why they started to ask about it, but it is very annoying and sometimes they text me at nighttime, or for example at 4 am. 4 different people this week.

What should I do in this case? Is this even ok to ask such questions on a freelance platform?


First of all this is creepy and is also against Fiverr’s Terms Of Service, thus you can report them.


Honestly, yes - it’s very creepy. I already blocked them. You are right - I think that I have to report them as well. Thanks for your advice!


That reminds me of an old meme which went something like: If you don’t give attention to your girlfriend then a random ***** will.

And I find it particularly “funny” because it’s true. I had a friend who did this exact thing with a random girl which was Facebook friends with a friend of ours and he didn’t seem to realize how inconvenient his behavior was no matter how many times I tried to explain the difference in cultures between East and West.

I find it silly not to reference the country in this context but I’ll play by the rules.


Maybe they’re desperate and hoping you’ll feed them and their families. Or they don’t understand that their behavior is inappropriate, to put it mildly. Or they’re looking to scam you. Or they see a pretty blonde and get very wrong ideas.

Report them for spamming and block them.

Of course not. It’s creepy. Like a stalker following you around.

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Hi Olyasr,

This happens to me whenever I have been busy on the Fiverr Community Forum (here).

I get then a mix of demands for jobs (not even polite queries!) and a mass of personal questions from both sellers and buyers. So if you have suddenly become active on the forum, it may be that appearing here has ‘inspired’ random dubious people to contact you. :slight_smile:

To clarify–the people who message me after I have messaged on this forum are never the people who actually contribute to the forum! They must be silent lurkers… Stalker types!


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Yes - maybe they send the same messages to hundreds of people here and hope to get an order, to get a review/ One “seller” even told me “Come on, sir, I need money to pay for food, give me a job” and it was… I don’t even know what to say about it… Already blocked all of them. Thanks to Fiverr, that no one can see our full names and social media links, like on other platforms


Actually, yes - it started when I became more active on Fiverr forum, but I have never seen any of them in comments. Usually, I see the same people answering questions, giving advices here, so as you said - silent lurkers, who can be creepy

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You can just report them for this kind of stupid behaviour…also block them

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