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Other sellers copying my gig description word by word?!

Other sellers are copying my gig description, literally word by word, I can’t name the sellers and there will be no point in doing so… anyone had the same issue, and did you get annoyed?

@madmoo is right on track.

It happens to me all the time. Title, description, picture and even video sometimes.

For me. Especially in my gig category. I find that for me, I generally send the person a message threatening to contact Support if they don’t remove it. So far, every time they have with an apology.

These, for the most part are new sellers. So the threat of Fiverr getting involved scares them a little.

I also go this route because it’s usually much quicker than waiting for support to get involved. Especially if they are busy. I also don’t like bothering them with these ‘Little Things’ if I can do it myself. Let’s them move faster from ticket to ticket.

Anyhow. MY suggestion. Send them a message letting them know you will report them. See what happens. It’s usually much faster than support getting involved. And better all around.

EDIT: I forgot to add the funny part. My gig description contains my username. I’ve actually had people copy that as well. So it’s said something like: “Expect the best from BigBadBilly” on their gig. LOL

I’ve had several instances where people have copied my gig word for word and even stolen my image so that they look like mine to people. It made me so furious, but now I tend to send them a message first, giving them 24 hours to change it before I turn it into CS. Failure to do so within that time frame, I tell them, means I will turn them in for the violation. Many times, they change it. And, if they don’t, well, CS generally takes care of it for me.

I don’t get mad about it anymore… I just get even… :smiley:

It is very annoying when people copy what you do, however I do not agree with what madmoo has said about waiting to give it an automatic bad review.

We have had sellers who have ordered a gig from us and then decided to cancel straight away or within an hour. Now it has not happened a lot but when it did happen I was a bit puzzled until it was brought to my attention my some good customers of ours that they were copying our gig word for word. I could not believe it until I looked and saw on some gig it was word for word and on other gigs it was around 90%.

I contacted customer services who dealt with it for me, but I am not sure if they have put up the gig again, I will have to check. I have had this done to me around seven times now.

These people need to be banned from Fiverr

Thanks everybody! I’ll send a message to the user and if they don’t remove it when I ask kindly, I’ll contact Customer Support for further assistance!

I had several copycats set up MY gig as their own. I got so fed up of it that I decided to order MY OWN GIG from the imposter. Guess what? They couldn’t deliver. What a surprise! 8-} In fact, they hit the “delivery” button and included some nonsense message about wanting to cancel later on. What they were trying to do is complete the transaction, making it harder for me to recover what I paid. So I just kept sending them modification requests pretending I had no clue why I wasn’t getting the finished product. Eventually, they initiated a cancellation, the fake gig was removed by Customer Support, AND their account was banned.

Was it fun? Yes. Would I do it again? Hell yeah! In a heartbeat. m/

I found 2 more this morning - copying my gig word for word practically.

One of them really took it beyond annoying for me. Level 2 seller - and this person decides that they won’t just copy my gig but my gig title. To me, this is an obvious attempt to trick my customers into thinking she’s me… only with a different picture.

Did I say Level 2 seller? Yep, you’ve read correctly! And, that really chaps my A$$… more than anything. You’re already a level 2 seller, do you honestly need to steal other’s work to get more work? Can you not get it on your own backbone? I mean really!

I hope CS does something about them. but most especially her!

Friggin idiots need to be punished. If you want to get ahead, you do it on your own merits and not MINE!

A pretty simple solution for fiverr would be to convert all gig descriptions into images, this means others can’t copy/paste your text, and would have to manually write it all down.

However, I may be completely wrong.

Good idea, but it’s easy to copy images and editing your Gig would be a nuisance.