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Other sellers looking for work

Hello fellow sellers,

Lately, I’ve been having people contact me asking for work, when asked to clarify how they want me to help them they just disappear. This has become a big annoyance for me.

Did anyone else have such experiences? Is there anything I could do to “filter” these people out?


Just say “No” and block. I would have done this after the sender’s first message. Huge signs he’s a time waster.


I would’ve checked to see if they were also a seller in the same field, if they were I would’ve simply reported and blocked them. It’s inappropriate and shows they have a bad business sense.


It’s just that I’ve had this 6 times in the past week, mashed me wonder if it’s the same person trying to harass me.

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Maybe! I also wouldn’t be surprised if there’s some popular Youtube video or popular Reddit thread or something telling unsuccessful sellers that spamming other sellers will bring them work.

There are a TON of horrible pseudo-tutorials telling Fiverr sellers to spam and they gain momentum in certain communities. That’s why so many sellers think they should spam Tweets and Facebook posts and trade Likes and clicks. They read somewhere that it’s the thing to do.

I just went to check the user’s profile. He’s now showing a profile image and seems to be a seller, but has no active Gig(s).

What I find interesting are the two last messages, but especially the last one. :grimacing: :woman_facepalming:

By the way, please remove the username from your screenshot, @gavrielfischer. You know, forum rules. :wink:


Oh man. That last message!

Your emojis made me giggle😆

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If someone bothers you, you can contact customer care. A buyer is wasting a lot of my time.

I just say “no” and if they leave me alone, I don’t do anything else. If I get another 10 messages about poor students, multiple children, etc. I report and block. Take a hint, geez.

They also come in waves for some reason (at least for me). I may not get these messages for a month, then get 5 a day. It also happens over the weekends most of the time.

… I’ve never had someone confessing they were a fraud right away, though. Do they want to get points for honesty or something? In any case, you have to deal with them individually. There is no way to filter them out.