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Other sellers reaching out begging for work

Hello Fiverr community;

I had a what I believe to be an odd experience today. Another seller reached out to me begging for work. The seller or perhaps better more aptly named beggar was extremely pushy asking for work. I as a freelancer have had work farmed out to me by other free lancers so cold contacting to drum up business especially in these uncertain and challenging times is understandable. Yet, this individual when I requested sales of their previous work to gain an understanding of their quality they not only didn’t provide sample work, this person kept pushing for work to be given to them as if I had a stack of orders waiting to be fulfilled. My question to this community is, is this a common occurrence?

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Apparently yes and you can flag him, open a ticket with CS and they may block his account.

Usually its enough just to send him a message stating that he is spaming you and you may report him if he continues.


I’m with you. He should definitely report it.

I haven’t heard much about this happening, but I can tell you that several Fiverr sellers from the forum have spammed my forum inbox and on Fiverr itself. I finally had to put my foot down and hide my forum profile and disable private forum messaging. They weren’t asking for jobs, but were very pushy and wanted me to tell them how to get orders.

There are certainly many, many Fiverr sellers who lack judgment and respect.


Happens to me sporadically. Once it was kinda interesting, a new seller in my field with good communication and an amazing reel. I told him I would keep him in mind if I ever needed it.

All the others were meksells, instant flag and report. I don’t even reply. Nothing like hearing the notification sound thinking I have a new lead and finding a spammer wasting my time to piss me off tremendously. The damn notification sound elicits a pavlovian response from me by now, and there’s that dopamine hit ($ to be made!), so when I find out it’s a damn spammer the dopamine crash leaves me pretty grumpy. It’s like hearing the ice cream truck song, going outside and it’s an idiot with a boombox playing it on a loop. And then asking me if I have any ice cream for them.


Even though it will sound strange to read this, you are somewhat lucky. He is contacting you exclusively on this site, and therefore, while it is still unprofessional, it is slightly professional to keep business internal, even if it is wrong. I have a completely different situation right now were someone is harassing me and my business with the notion that I have insulted him “on some web platform.” Still, he fails to identify what platform and how I had insulted him, utterly unrelated to my business. I could just erase his negative remark and file a report, but that is not how you conduct business. I reached out and asked for evidence and location/time of the stated insult, and he replied that he is busy with philosophy. I am presuming it is the Fiverr forum since nothing else could be.
I also received some “cold” messages offering me their work before and during COVID so it is not just at these desperate times people pursuit to contact sellers offering them their services. But, I do not report them. I respond politely that at this time I do not require services. To me, blocking someone or reporting someone is the last resort. Even if he is a criminal, in his mind he has a reason for contacting me and I have to acknowledge that before blocking and shoving him off.

I am a very small seller. But I also have faced this problem. A seller contacted me as I responded to his BR. He told me that he will do my work at a cheaper rate.
At first, I thought I will report. But then I thought I should warn him as he is a new seller. I told him that he was not doing a good job. I just marked his message spam and closed the matter.

It completely depends on you. You can either report him or just mark as spam.

Nah, I’m a vengeful god, old testament style. Annoy me, you get the locusts.


Hahaha good for you. I’m pretty much the same.

I don’t tolerate people treating me like that.

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A robber also has a reason to be breaking into your house. Shove first, acknowledge later.

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:slight_smile: yes, on that specific scenario I totally agree. But you have to understand my day is spent with children and teenagers and adults in an educational environment. If I have a student who is damaging equipment or insulting everyone or harassing or threatening as a teacher my initial response is not shoving but talk, support, and help. It is in my “program settings”. I can not go out into the world and just turn that off. I know that person talking here on the forum is not my student but I can’t stop myself. Even my sarcastic replies here on the forum have origin from a classroom full of teenagers where I give sarcastic reply to “my dog eat my homework” - “well next time bring your dog cause he has some explaining to do”

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good experience but new seller

Interesting responses everyone. To some of you I say yes its always good to be farming contacts, you never know when you need to sub some work out. Others I also agree irritation has a cost and that cost must be paid one way or the other. Thank you for your input and feedback. Best of luck selling!

Networking is good when done well. But on Fiverr it can’t be done properly. It’s not set up that way. If you are a seller and you get a message, the idea is that it is a lead interested in buying your services. If it’s another seller trying to sell their services, it’s against terms of service. They are spamming. Never do that.

With that said, if you think there’s a good business opportunity for BOTH of you, it can work. However, 99% of people who do it are low skilled meksells, so it’s absolutely worthless. Asking me to give you work does not benefit me in any way. It’s just spam. If you must contact someone, give them value. Make it profitable for them. Asking for work doesn’t do that.

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I did not know that, thank you for that information.