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Other's gigs being advertised at the bottom of my gigs: good or bad?

I see it’s back again, where other’s gigs are being shown at the bottom of my gigs.

My feeling is that since someone was curious enough to click on my gig and read through the description, it may take away from them making a purchase decision and keep them in browsing mode instead. And it’s my competitor’s gigs they are seeing.

When they did this before suddenly people were complaining frantically that their sales suddenly dropped. It’s why they stopped doing it. They may be trying to emulate another popular shopping site possibly, but that is not a lot of independent sellers, it’s one big company. It won’t lead to more sales in this venue. Buyers here have short attention spans and to lead them away from a sales page to continue browsing seems to defeat the purpose.

I know they are searching for ways to present more gigs to more people though.

But this has been tried before and it didn’t work well as far as more sales.

Good for Fiverr - and that’s what they’re aiming for! I don’t think it will do you (or any seller) much harm. You’re a TRS, you obviously know how to get conversions. :slight_smile:

For what it’s worth, I’m seeing your “other gigs” in the first tier beneath yours and then some “similar” below.

misscrystal said: But this has been tried before and it didn't work well as far as more sales.
Unfortunately, they don't seem to go with what actually works or removing what doesn't in most cases. It's more like someone says "Hey, I saw this on xxxx - let's try it!"

As far as sales dropping, I honestly don't see how anyone can be sure of what may or may not have caused a decrease. They change and poorly implement so many things here it's nearly impossible to tell what's a cause, what's a symptom and what's going on behind they scenes that may have an affect.

In any case, I'm sure something will change to temporarily improve sales soon enough.

It was clear before that the day they implemented it that was the day sales dropped for everyone.