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Our 1st step with

Hello, Good to see everyone helps one another and we hope the warm greeting would be extended to us.

Thank you and hoping to get the 1st order through FIVERR.

Please check the Gig and any suggestions are welcome.

All the best


I don’t have much knowledge about FedEx, but would people pay $40 for a label?

Based on what I just read, it costs around $30 to ship a medium sized box, so why would anyone pay $40 for a label? Just wondering…

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Hello KrHeate,

USD 45.00 is for International shipment (FedEx envelope). Originating from USA and the destination is anywhere in the world where the FedEx services. It would be easy for us to have a single price point for the shipment cost across all the FedEx global destination rather than having multiple rates segregated by the country.

For domestic within USA our cost is USD 25.00.

Hope this helps. Do let us know if you need more information related to a specific destination shipment.

Updated the link

There isn’t much, if any, demand for this service on Fiverr.

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Thank you, the video has been informative. It is the first time and has been a slow learning process. Hope as time goes by, with lot of feedback, we can fine tune the write up.

Aaaaaaand it’s gone.

Still here: Create overnight shipping label for an envelope weight less than half a pound by K7426252842 | Fiverr

Thank you for replying, just checking was it a sarcastic statement.

Sarcasm is saying something but meaning the opposite. Which in that case does not apply, since your link in my post is not available anymore, it’s “gone”. So the term you might have wanted to use should have probably been “humorous”, I presume. And that’s not sarcastic, nor ironical.

Thank you. Will learn as we move forward.