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Our buyers are our strength


On this great platform i want to tribute our buyers cause we are everything here just because of them. They are great communicators and act like friends its a positive aspect that we are meeting someone who is far away from us but after having some conversation we use to know them and its a great thing that its a kind of Global Love relation. I love my buyer and really enjoy to work with them. :innocent:




I wish I was one of your buyers.

For all your wonderful buyers who are reading this but too shy to post, let me speak for them.

Thank you!


I love my buyer too!..



The pic in your profile image is yours, right?


I’m 100% positive they all :heart: you too.

I’m on my smartphone and typing, downloading, etc. is excruciating. I was trying to find a sarcasm meme for DJ, but can’t post it. :upside_down_face::slightly_frowning_face:


Perhaps you didn’t read my message in its entirety… :wink:
Or maybe we got lost in transition not translation.

Here Gina, you can take this one:


What? How much you love and adore all of your buyers. That they are the best and you just want to work free for them, because they are so awesome?

Go ahead and say it DJ!
Shout out loud:

I :heart:my buyers!

I know you want to. :grinning:


I :heart: my Whiners!


What was that DJ?

You love your buyers??


I :heart: my Pliers!


Okay, I gotta quit goofing off and get back to work.

C U tomorrow.

Edit: Shoot, I accidently replied to myself.


It’s a broadly used stock image. Don’t let me start…


OP what did you smoke? I want some of that stuff.


Customer is always the king… no matter what even he asks u unreasonable things :slight_smile:


I love it. Kind of Global Love relation. Okay, it may be a tiny bit generalized, maybe I only love some buyers but on the other side, hey, man. :peace:

I’m imagining shisha with strawberry-mint flavour. Maybe a coffee and a few spacecakes on the side.


Uh, I don’t think so.

No one is king. You have a product or service that I need, so I compensate you for your time and talent. Basically, trading of goods.

I don’t believe in the philosophy buyer is always right. I may only be a buyer here but I’m a seller on other platforms.


Umm… he is…


I agree with you but u know how rules work here :wink: mostly in the favour of the buyer…so most of the times customer is king … No matter what !


Customer is the KING and guess what tip I have.

Kill the customer with your kindness, Now you are the king left here… :crown:


Oh Thank you so much guy’s for your response i was just expressing my feelings :stuck_out_tongue: for my lovely buyers they means alot to me. :blush: