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Our cat gig got featured!

It started with Elivs simple dream of world domination – and now six months later and some 160 cat videos later our most selling gig is featured! We are so glad, proud and Elvis is purring.

I just took a look, that is so cute. The one with the donuts, where the cat licks his nose, that was awesome, what a happy coincidence.

This is an absolutely AMAZING idea. No wonder you got featured, this is one of the most creative gigs I’ve seen. Way better than “I’m gonna dance to a song”, etc.

And I can see it becoming a bestseller, too. You seriously need to promote it on social media if you aren’t already.

Major props :slight_smile:

Woot, congrats on your success :slight_smile:


I’m a cat-lover/owner myself and I did think about creating a cat gig but my cats would NEVER

listen to me and behave so I gave up, LOL.

You’re cat is really cute, please be sure to give him a huge steak for dinner… and be sure

to get yourself a nice bottle of wine too so you two can celebrate together! :smiley:

Go Elvis! You know what a fan I am already. Maybe the tiny “product placement” helped somehow. I’m so happy for you!

That is awesome! Well done :slight_smile:

Oh my gosh. Your gig is one of the most unique things I’ve seen on Fiverr. Grats to you!

Congratulations, and give Elvis a hug!

That is quite CATastrophic for the competition!


Thank you all, you are so sweet! We will give Elvis a treat and a hug and give our best. WE love the Fiverr community, always ready to give a cheer when needed.

Your welcome, continue to treat Elvis!

Ehum, sorry for the question, but what is the “feature” badge, when it happes? :-/

I am not sure.

Reply to @renflowergrapx: It gives the gig much more exposure, we think. We have around double the amount of gig views since we got featured and we have a chance of showing up on the front page of the Advertising category we guess.

It’s the Fiverr-team who selects gigs to feature.

OMG that is so cute and inventive!

Your cat is earning their own kibbles now :smiley:

I have to purchase your gig soon. too cute

Reply to @katja1700: Thank you! Yeah, Elvis is a provider now :slight_smile:

Reply to @viyiwi: Thanks, any time :wink: