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Our confidential images displayed to the public in seller's portfolio

We have received expensive custom artwork from a seller - and requested frequently that our images should not be displayed in her public portfolio. She also displays her other customer images publicly.

These are copyright images on a highly confidential upcoming project.

We do not want our confidential images on public display. She claims that it’s a Fiverr setting and she can do nothing about it. We have not had our confidential work previously on public display.

Despite our five star ratings on her work, we cannot give her any further business until this is resolved.

Please confirm whether this is indeed a standard, unchangeable Fiverr setting. If so, this is extremely disturbing and we will not be able to use Fiverr for ANYTHING else.

Thank you


Let me explain how public portfolio works.
When a seller has portfolio active and delivers some image, this image is automatically a candidate to be shown on public portfolio; buyer (I repeat, buyer) before accepting the delivery and closing the order has the possibility (and the right) to unflag the image for portfolio.

If the order is now closed only Customer Support can remove it from portfolio, so you’d better writing a ticket and waiting for them to take some action and answer.

Thank you for fast response. I have never seen that option before closing out an order.

Can you explain or give a screen shot where I would find this?

Rgds, Claire

I think you should contact Customer Support to help you with this.

You are not going to see the option if the work is already delivered and marked complete and rated and would need to write to support to help you remove something that is already posted.

Also, in general, if you have issues where confidentiality is really critical, keep in mind that Fiverr is a completely anonymous site, so you have no idea who your sellers really are. You will never know their real name (except a few sellers use their name on their profile, but most do not).

clairebusch : I totally understand… Before I even order … I contact the seller and communicate that my designs are copyright and proprietary info. I have used customer service in the past to remove images b4 I started this. I have a clause before I purchase services and when I submit my order. I do this for my own protection just in case I need to pursue legal matters in the future. However, in addition… before I give an order with these images included… I make sure they are copyright protected first. I will also ask for placeholders or give diff images… change them later. Hope this helps…

Did you contact the seller to ask them to contact Customer Support to have them removed? I would think your seller would be very concerned as well about it, especially if you communicated the sensitive nature about it before you ordered.

Reply to @clairebusch: There s a Fiverr blog page about this: