Our experience with new function on fiverr - Milestones: Deliver gradually in steps


This is a very convenient function for orders that cost more than $ 100 and are executed step by step.

Here is screen of Milestones function when you create it:

And here is how looks your order with this function:

You can see 3 steps (but can be more if need) every step have it own time delivery. I mean for first step you have 7 days, when you deliver and after client accept your work, then will start second step with other time delivery, depend how many days you will chose (on screen is 7 days) and so on for next steps.

Here is one minus (if this may say) money for order you will get when all steps will be done and order will get status complete!

Also this function have and pluses, for example: based on our experience often clients ask for part refund of money during work process by many reasons and you cant do this with simple offer, but with new functions (Milestones: Deliver gradually in steps) you can refund one or two parts of money to client.

You are on last step but first 2 steps was delivered, this mean you can refund money only for last step, other money will remain for you.

Hope our experience will help you in furure!
Good luck in business for all:wink:


Amazing Feature!! Where I could Find this feature ? :sunglasses:


pretty good features


Enter in your message box choose client for which you want create offer now look at my attached screenshots!

and next


I see nothing, but maybe I will get this feature later or after I rise up the price.

But, Thanks for showing me this awesome feature! :sunglasses:



I think you must have level 2 or Top!


Very good post! So they can refuse to complete any milestone after the first one.
Best to ask for more expensive one first.


I got this feature when I was a new seller, and it clearly says it’s in beta that means it is not given to 100% of the sellers. :grin:


Very cool :slight_smile: This is just like Upwork.