Our furry ( or non furry) little friends


A while ago someone posted a photo of their pets, so I’m gonna do it again.

They will sit on your keyboards. Walk on your keyboards and type strange messages to your buyers.
They will climb up your legs.
They will make strange noises that can be distracting at times.
They get simply get in your way ( in many cases) when you are trying to work on something.

But we just can’t live without them. Well at least I know I can’t!!!

Post your pet pics! :smiley:


Wow, really adorable!


Her name is Mama.
My mom named her, don’t ask my why :stuck_out_tongue:
She was a stray cat, orignally from the streets, all scared and skinny.

Now she’s pretty darn FAT. And of course happy.


These aren’t all my pets but a representative sample :slight_smile:


I have three that do the same as you described. Not pets but children!


Luuuuuv luv luv all of them! :heart_eyes:


I respect mothers so much…hats off to you!


I have a chihuahua :slight_smile: He is so quiet and patient.


@capitalquality Wow, you’ve got quite a large fur family. Looks fun!
@zeus777 Fat cats are the best. Adorable!


This is Biscuit in his natural habitat. He was rescued in September.
Biscuit is very sweet and snuggly and loves belly rubs and face massages.
He enjoys classical music and turkey. He’s very loved, except for when he wakes me up in the middle of the night just to play or get some attention :heart:


@zeus777 Awww she is so cute :heart_eyes:


OMG Its so Cute. I cant have a pet. I am hyper allergic to animal furs (Asthma) :frowning:


you need the non-furry kind. I hear iguanas are great pets.


I am afraid of them. I just cant look at them due to fear. :fearful:


How do you post a picture? I can only find an html link.


Noooo. But look how cute



between </> and the bullet point symbol, there’s an upload symbol. Click that. Or you can copy/paste an image but then you get the weird url thing I got with the iguana.


Dont :fearful::fearful:



Sorry. But poor little iguanas need loving mums too :slight_smile:


I think they will love capitalquality so much. "come to mama you little cutie: :stuck_out_tongue: