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Our Logo Gig With 23, 631 Sales Has Been Removed From Search Results! Is that a Technical Error?

We had completed 34, 000 + designs over 23, 000+ orders on our logo gig, and today, just realized that it has been removed from search results. We were one among the TOP 10 Gigs for years and just shocked to see that our logo gig is not even listed

Could anyone please check or Admins may help us understand the reason why it happened?

The link is here -

Not sure if it is technical error or is it a part of seo update or something else

Thanks in Advance for the support

Me too

Well, I’m impressed with your queue, 43 orders! That’s amazing. So what happened? You were on the first row and suddenly you’re in row 10th? Row 20th? Second page?

hi @idesigners . :-? i had this experience, but you should be contatc fiverr. then they will tell you reason

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Tried from our side and asked some of our buyers to test it, and same results

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NOT EVEN listed in the search results… we tried first 10 pages of results… it is unbelievable

Reply to @sincere18: Those were the existing orders before we were removed from search index… and it will be done soon

Reply to @idesigners: oops, I just saw below, sorry about that…at this point though there really doesn’t seem to be anything you can do. I wouldn’t worry so much that you aren’t coming up in searches just yet, as you have over 40 orders to do anyway. As you get finished with those, then you can readdress is, as you should hopefully get lots of good reviews from the gigs as you complete them to bump you up.

Reply to @idesigners: What kind of initial issues did your gig have that you got suspended? I would think if a gig gets suspended then yes, you are probably starting over again in terms of ranking. What did you do?

Also, I would not worry so much about this. If you have 43 orders pending, then as you finish those you will get good reviews and bring you back up in searches.

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Contacted the support and got the following reply

Due to the initial issues your Gig had, your Gig had been temporarily suspended, however when I resolved the issue, I also restored the Gig as well. Unfortunately, due to this change, another user’s Gig took the ranking yours previously held, and as rankings and exposure are not things that CS can influence (as our editorial team manages that), we would be unable to restore your previous search ranking. However, completing orders for that Gig and receiving more reviews will help to bring your rating back up so you will appear there once more.

If there’s anything else we can help you with, please let us know.

I’m not an SEO expert but have learn enough to keep my website running at one time.

I’m going to use google in my sample.

  1. I’m ranked number 1 in google for my keyword.
  2. I do something bad and lose my ranking.
  3. I fix what was wrong and I should go back to my initial ranking or at least close to it if there was not a huge time lapse.

    May I ask what the issue was to get your gig suspended? Maybe that will explain better why this happen.

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I believe you have not read the thread and replies

Reply to @idesigners: That’s unbelievable. Something like that happened to one of my gigs, book titles, and I’m surprised because I’ve never had a single negative review there. Did you write customer service? I did, it was useless for me, they told me they were able to find my gig.

Please contact Fiverr support regarding this…

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We had NO ISSUES at all, but our gig lost the EXPRESS status for no reason, and when reported it, we got it back. That might be the issue [in fact it is not an issue on our side but a technical error I think]

Reply to @idesigners: yes, I figured those may have been existing orders, but as you are completing them, are they buyers leaving good feedback?

HOw many of the 43 orders have you completed? And how many gave you ratings?

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50% buyers always leave rating, but I don’t think it would make any changes to the search listing, in any manner

What happend with your impression going down or ?

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It is also another mystery that we are level 2 even after 23,000+ sales and 100% positive rating