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Our Prayers are with the People of Brussels

When an evil of this magnitude occurs and innocent people pay the consequences, it really makes our petty problems here on Fiverr appear so tiny and insignificant in comparison. Our prayers are with those who were killed in the terrorist attack in Brussels today. I hope all the nations of the world come together and eliminate the ■■■■ threat. Enough is enough! NO MORE!

I agree as everyone probably does that it’s terrible. I try to avoid this kind of news. I don’t think it’s a good fit for fiverr forum.

Yeah, a post like this could quite quickly snowball into a thread all about ■■■■ and people falling over themselves to give their own mini-presidential addresses and the like. Noble yes, but I don’t like it here.

I hope that doesn’t sound offensive but I usually I try to switch off from the (let’s just face it) 24-hour misery mill of the news when I’m here. That’s not to say I’m insensitive. I’m just a bit bored and annoyed by it all to be honest.

Yeah, point noted.

I went for years without allowing myself to hear or read any news at all unless it was science news. No television or newspapers. I was better off. We could all go into rants about the evils of it all but let’s not.

I like how you introduce new topics though!

I just talk about what’s on my mind at that moment, that’s all…

I actually turn off news of the latest acts of terrorism but after this thread I did watch Charlie Rose interview the head of the CIA section on terrorism, which I would never have done otherwise. He talked about how they track terrorist plots using surveillance techniques and how terrorists are very good at using encryption. Something like 4 major terrorist plots have been thwarted in the USA in the past four years.