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Our project was removed and we received a ToS violation message – no idea why!

Dear Fiverr community,
We tried posting a digital marketing > local listings project a few minutes ago, but for some reason our project has been unapproved and we received a Terms of Service violation notice! We have no idea why this has happened: our project related to the posting of ads for an educational product on Craigslist (11 cities around the world).

Can anyone help us out here?

With very best wishes/Mediolana

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What kind of educational product were you advertising? This could be the issue, as even the mention of academia or education will usually trigger Customer Support to get involved.

Hi there cubittaudio,
A premium DVD-based course called Higher Grades Faster!™:


With very best wishes/Mediolana

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It might be a Craigslist TOS violation to post those in several places. I thought everyone could only place Craigslist ads where they are physically located. If it is then fiverr wouldn’t allow it. Fiverr doesn’t allow gigs that violate the TOS of other websites.

For example the reason you couldn’t do that is because you don’t have locations and phone numbers in eleven cities around the world. So Craigslist wouldn’t allow it.


Yeah, I am pretty sure that’s the issue.


Hey there guys,
Many thanks for your kind replies, which are sincerely appreciated.

We honestly had no idea that this would be a Craigslist ToS violation issue. We presumed that there would be a legitimate way of posting on multiple Craigslist sites – maybe via freelancers or companies that did have registered offices across a number of different markets.

We’ll be sure to post a compliant ad in the future.

Many thanks once again!

With very best wishes/Mediolana


It can also be easily considered spam.

Read the ToS.

Dear humanissocial,
Thank you for your kind response, which is sincerely appreciated.

We have been through the Terms of Service, and are struggling to see how our project request could be considered spam, especially given that we offered at least 200% the going rate for such a task.

Ironically, the project pertains to posting adverts where people are actually actively seeking them out of their own volition – about as far away from spam as it gets.

Of course, if there is a potential violation of a third party website’s ToS, then that’s a different matter and completely understandable.

With very best wishes/Mediolana

No, posting these is what would be spam.