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Our Team Of Journalist Will Write Press Releases And Articles


Hi, we have just joined Fiver and we are happy to announce that our large team of journalist and public relations consultants will write you a press release for you, your website or your company.

We also will give you advice on where you should post your press release and with each press release we also post a link to it and mention it to our 74,000 plus twitter followers

We also offer a service where we will write news articles, which include celebrity news, health news, travel news and world news, we also write feature articles.

As writers we know a lot of people who own websites do not have time to write original content which is very important to gain traffic, having new articles on your site also shows you in a positive light to Google and helps increase your rankings, so we thought we would get our team together and help you boost traffic by writing professional articles.

We have a quick turnaround on news articles and we also offer a service of supplying you a number of articles each day.

If you have a website then please remember that you need to keep it topped up with fresh content, otherwise your competition will beat you in the rankings.

Good luck everyone


For Xmas we are offering a free full SEO report in your site with any gig