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Out of Office Advice needed

Hi, I’m sorry if this is a repeated question, I just can’t find the answer anywhere.

If I set ‘Out of Office’, can buyers have gigs open with still contact me?

I have delivered the last 2 gigs in my queue and am awaiting comment from the buyers. They might need modifications, and I’m happy to do them, but I cannot take on another gig this week.

I don’t want new gigs to come in whilst I’m awaiting their comment on the ones I’ve just delivered.

Can anyone clear up where I stand with this?



If you don’t want any further gig this week. There are two ways to do that.

First : You can start vacation mode. But that’s not good idea in my view because it can decrease your impressions and views on your gig.

2nd: You can add limit on order queue. But for your case you don’t have any order in queue as you had already delivered your order.

I’ve never used vacation mode because I fear to lose my rank. And I rarely use limit order queue when I really thinks orders are not in my hand now.

SO summarizing if you can handle you shouldn’t stop. And if not then you should use limit order queue and if you can’t even handle one order with modifications then you should go for vacation mode.

Hope you got your answer,
kind regards,

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If you switch to “Vacation Mode”, they can still contact you, yes, and you can react, that´s no problem.


Ahhh, thank you! @miiila Is it the same for Out of Office too? Because I’m not on vacation, I’m just overbooked with other work. Fiverr is only one income stream for me. Is out of office the same as vacation?

I only asked this question because last time I used vacation mode, a seller I was working with raised a complaint and cancelled the order, just because I was on vacation. They didn’t even contact me, so I assumed they couldn’t. (There was lots of time left on their order)

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I´m not sure what you mean with “Out of Office” if not “Vacation Mode”, but buyers you have open orders with can contact you in any case.

You need to use VM, if you don´t want your response rate affected by not responding. If you don´t use VM, you´ll have to reply to all messages within 24 hours, even if only spam messages, which is a hassle when you really need time off.
If your gigs are just overbooked or paused but you´re not in VM, it will count against your response rate if you don´t answer messages.
When you have VM on, people will get the message that you´re in VM and that they can choose to be notified when you´re back.


Thank you for taking the time to reply. That wasn’t quite what I was asking. I just wanted to know if my current buyers could still contact me. I apologise if that wasn’t clear.

Yes they can contact you if they want. You can also contact them.

I think you know the no of days to automatically complete your order.

what does that mean? I didn’t see such a thing on fiverr

When I click on settings, it’s gives the option for out of office, when you go into that, you can then select between vacation mode/ out of office / and something else (I can’t remember)

I am in the same situation, I have on vacation mode (or out of office as it’s called now) almost every month from the overload of work from returning clients.

ALL BUYERS will have the ability to contact you… so that buyer probably just got confused and thought you are actually “on vacation”.

You need to set-up some quick responses to send to anyone who contacts you during the time you are out of office in order to keep your response rate above 90%.

Also, buyers will have an option to set a reminder for your gigs, so when you get online and turn off the “out of office” mode, they will get a notification that your gigs are now active.

good luck.

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Ah, I think you´re talking about the reasons you can set for being on VM. It´s all VM, technically.

See here:

From the Activate Vacation Mode popup, in the AWAY REASON drop-down list, select your reason.

You´ll find lots of threads here asking for the whole thing being called something else than “Vacation Mode” and for the palm tree beach image to go, or at least for a seller covered in orders or something to be added for choosing. :wink:

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My name is Snir, and I’m a product manager at fiverr.
We recently gave the Vacation Mode feature a facelift and now renamed it Out of Office :slight_smile:
We also added few changes. You can find all the details here

Thanks for your feedbacks!


Great, thanks a lot. Finally a change everyone will love. :wink:

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Are you sure that the buyers who ordered from me (I delivered but they haven’t responded yet or left a review - the order is not completed) can still contact me while I’m “out of office”? Even when I unselect the “Allow new buyers to contact me” checkbox?

The below seems to say different. What if I only want buyers with active/delivered orders to contact me & disallow any new buyers? Is that feasible?


The above is from the link:

Sorry, I can’t say for sure, my post you are referring to was from April and from before Fiverr changed the Vacation Mode to the Out of Office mode, and as they also changed the inbox and other things as well since, it might or might not be as it was then and might not be the same for all of us, even, too, since they roll out many features in batches - I have still a pretty old, by recent standards, inbox iteration, for example, since I’ve seen by now 3 inbox updates posted by people, none of which I got.

As far as I can tell, “old buyers” are able to contact me, and I can reply. What I can not tell is whether I have to reply, because up to now, I always replied to return/regular clients anyway, so I can’t say if it would affect my response rate if I wouldn’t.

The sentence you quote, the wording “new buyers” is a bit iffy. I interpret it as “people who are not buyers yet but look at your gig and would contact you”, not as “buyer who just bought a gig for the first time which is still open” lol but I could be wrong.

To my understanding, this checkbox is so that potential new buyers will not be able to contact you if you can’t or don’t want to reply until you’re back from OOO, and if you uncheck that box, potential new buyers can also contact you, in addition to “current/old buyers”, and it will count against your response rate if you won’t respond as usual, within 24 hours.

I could be mistaken, though, and if you want to be sure, it’s best to ask support.


Last time I went away for a few days and planned to be unavailable, I used VM, but I had 3 messages regarding new custom orders that I did not respond to until I got back. This has seriously effected my response time.

So that does not work.

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Talking about out of office means you aren’t available for work but vacation mode means maybe you are on holiday or travelled.

It’s the same thing - it used to be called ‘vacation mode’, now it’s ‘out of office’.

A rose by any other name etc. :rose::wink:


dear sir…i am 7 day holiday complete…and my gig is not active…please my need gig active now