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Out Of Office - How Many Days?

Not sure if this has already been answered, and can’t seem to find it anywhere… but how many days can sellers be “out of office” per year?

Thanks in advance!! :blush::white_flower::wilted_flower:

Plan a summer?

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Did you mean sellers? :thinking:

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365 days a year. Ha ha!

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Haha yes!! My mistake!! :rofl:

365 days and 366 days in a leap year

I’m pretty sure there was something about a max time per year mentioned in the back then “Seller Academy” when it still was Vacation Mode, but I didn’t see anything like that yet for OOO in all instances I found it mentioned in the “Seller Help Center” yet.

However, there was a big change apart from the name for that function, namely, you had to manually deactivate VM, while

When the timeframe ends, the Out of Office mode will automatically be deactivated and your Gigs will be back on the marketplace.

so, keeping in mind when exactly one had planned to be back originally is a good idea :wink:

and, of course, …

Does Out of Office affect my Gig ranking?
Depends, as longer the duration you are not active, as higher the chances to go down with your ranking.

I was curious now too and search told me the limit was 28 days (forum threads from 2014 though) but also that you’d just have had to hit 28 more days (or however much longer) then, and 60 days (2017). I think I remember something about 60 days too but that must have been an article in the “Academy” before it became the “Help Center”, so it’s gone.


Thank you! That was exactly the info I was looking for! :slight_smile:

So I guess, they have done away with a limit to the number of days you can be away… based on what I can see.

I recall it being 28, but haven’t kept up since then.

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