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Out of office kill my gig rank and order:(

my gig was on the first page. a few days ago, I open out of office for 4days. Then, finished my order and gig rank:(

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Yes, this happens to everybody with Out of office, and after a week or two months you will be back where you were.


Right! Thank you so much:)

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Another option is to set your delivery dates much later than usual. This way people can see your gigs but may or may not order. However, you do need to check in to your Fiverr Account at least once a day to keep your stats up.

So, sad.
May your gig rank again.
INN-SHAH-ALLAH, you will be success again.
Be active and strong your social media.
Fiver will rank you again.

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INN-SHAH-ALLAH. Thanks for your time man!