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Out of Office Mode and Messages

Just a heads-up for anyone who didn’t have the situation yet.

Apparently, if you sent an offer to a BR and turn on out of office mode days later, and the buyer contacts you, you’ll have their message in your inbox with the “you need to reply within 24 hours” ticking clock symbol, even though they are no former buyer and you left the “new people can contact me” box unchecked.

I could reply in this case and save my response rate but I might have not been able to because of hiding from the internet in rural Georgia or behind the jamming transmitters in the Paris sewers or somewhere.

Sending offers to BR can lead to unexpectedly good results but is such a gamble. There should at least be the option to set an expiry date to custom offers sent to BR like there is for other custom offers. (Yes, I’m pretty sure I put that into the suggestions category at least once, this is just a tip for sellers or small-talk or a small rant, couldn’t decide, so I put it in conversations, but thank you. :wink: )

Also, do “old” customers who can contact you (in addition to, apparently, not-customers whose BR you replied to) while in out of office mode, see or get a notification or something about you being in out of office mode, does anyone know for sure? From how messages I get from former customers while being in out of office mode, are worded, it doesn’t sound like it.