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Out of Office Mode Bug x2 (3), Attention!

I activated OOO mode on desktop to be safe from surprise 24-hour orders and having to reply to spam messages on Christmas.

I was asked when I want to be back and picked the 27th.

OOO :bug: 1

Today, I see on my phone I got a spam message from someone new. Checking on the desktop, I see the tiny clock symbol that tells me my time to reply within 24 hours is running out!

I had not checked that box (isn’t checked by default):

OOO :bug: 2

I had chosen to be back on the 27th. The desktop showed exactly that.

But there must be a bug, screenshots desktop vs app for the setting Return Date = 27th:

I’ve had a problem with that before, I’d activated OOO one time and gotten an order a day before I had planned on being back. I’d looked only at the app at that time and thought “weird, I could swear I put that I’d be back tomorrow, not today” but didn’t check on desktop then and thought I must have had put the wrong date when asked when I want to be back.

Now, to not have that happen again, I edited the OOO on desktop and put in 28th, which shows on desktop, while it now shows 27th on the app.

(OOO :bug: 3)

Not a really as potentially harmful bug as the other 2, so this one is just a bonus bug in brackets :wink: but when I activated OOO on desktop, I did not choose “vacation” but “Other” to have my self-written message displayed.

Which it kindly does on desktop, but on the app, when “Browsing as Buyer”, it only shows this, without my note:

While in the app settings it says:

without an option to edit the reason, I hope this doesn’t show to the buyer somewhere when they browse our profile or gigs - if it does, could you please align this to the reason chosen for OOO mode as we already get to choose (vacation, overbooked, other) or if that’s not possible, at least edit the “i” to an “I”. Especially the writers, proofreaders and translators will thank you for the effort. :slight_smile:

Hope that 1 and 2 are bugs that just like my account, but thought I’d better post it here, in case those buggers get around and affect other accounts too and it might keep someone safe from surprise orders and/or response rate drops.


Are you on an iPhone or on android?
That is very weird. I tried that too.
I selected 27 December 2018

This is on the desktop:

This is on the iPhone App:

Have you contacted CS about this yet?

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Not yet, wanted to put it here quickly in case it might save someone from trouble.

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On my iPhone the dates appear the same. :thinking:

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