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Out of office mode for students

Hi everyone.

I’m a student who started on Fiverr during my summer break. Since the fall semester is starting up and I can’t give my entire time to Fiver. Will activating the out of office mode for a longer time (i.e. 3-4 months) massively damage my profile/gig ranking?

If yes, what are some other ways I can go off Fiverr and come back during the winter break or next summer when I’m free to take orders?

With all the standards etc, Fiverr seems like a full-time job rather than something students can do part-time. If that’s not the case, people who work on Fiverr part-time, can you give tips on how to manage Fiverr alongside a job or studies?

My main question remains. Should I use out of office mode for 3-4 months? What will be the consequences of that?

What are some other ways I can go offline for a longer time and come back to continue on the platform?

Thank you and stay safe.


Another option is to pause all of your gigs until you come back. It seems like there is a time limit for how long you can be OOO. @imagination7413 or @lloydsolutions may know.

The best thing to do is to restrict how many orders are in your queue.

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Wow! I never knew how to properly use this feature. It’s a very useful one. I’ll try it out for sure once classes start.

Thanks so much.

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You’re welcome! And kudos for being successful here while also a student. That’s great.


It’s a struggle but I had to take a leap. It’s all about what you set your mind to.

Thank you. You’ve been very helpful!

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You’re very welcome!

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Hey there, fellow student here! I definitely agree that making use of the queue limit feature is a great way to reduce the amount of orders you can take, without making use of Out of Office. Personally I plan on using this once classes start for me in September: restricting my gigs that take the biggest chunk of time out of my schedule, while allowing gigs that take less time to complete to have more orders.

I definitely wouldn’t shy away from Out of Office though if you ever really need it! While it isn’t a great idea to use it for an extended period of time, I mainly use it for when I just can’t take on one more order, just to make sure I don’t overbook myself. So far, it has been very helpful, and when using it for 1 week or less, I haven’t noticed any significant decline in my impressions/orders when turned back off.

I hope this helps with a bit of insight, and I wish you luck with your studies!

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In addition to what others have said, pausing your gigs instead of using OOO mode could be a better idea; there’s a bug that sometimes lets new buyers message you while you’re in OOO mode, and if you don’t respond in 24 hours, your response rate suffers. And I’m guessing that you don’t want to be distracted by messages from Fiverr while you’re trying to focus on your studies.

If you keep some gigs active, perhaps changing the delivery time to a longer one could be of help (thought there will always be impatient buyers who don’t look at the delivery time and demand it done ASAP).

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Hi there. Great to hear from a fellow student.
Yes, I had a similar plan in mind. To pause gigs that take a lot of time and keep the other gigs on queue limit.

I have used the out of office feature for less than a week, but I have heard (and it is also mentioned in their guide) that the ranking can go down if you’re out for a long time.

Do you know if that is the case for paused gigs too? If I’m ranking on the second page and pause my gigs and unpause them after, say 2 months, will my gig still be ranking on the second page?

Good luck with your studies too!


Yes, after going through the replies, OOO seems like the least efficient option.

Instead a combination of pausing gigs, extending delivery times and limit queue orders seem like a more feasible option.

Thank you for your response!

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so if we click pause gig when we resume it wont affect any rates right wont effect right?

Check this out:


I recently used Out Of Office for about two days, when I came back I had about 4 orders the following day, I’m not sure how it would affect rating for such an extended period of time. I think instead of doing this you could consider extending the delivery time and limiting the amount of orders you take, and reserve the Out of Office feature for when you maybe have to start handing in papers or revising.

Thank you!

But can’t buyers not place orders when the out of office mode is enabled? I’ve heard activating the mode for longer periods of time affects ranking.

But there seem to be other methods to limit the amount of orders and work load, so it’s great.

I stopped limiting the orders in my queue because I found that even though I placed a limit on the orders, somehow, buyers could still place direct orders.

New buyers as well?

Could you see your gig in the search results once the queue limit was reached? Also ticking the active link button might also affect this.

I can’t afford to get orders since I’ll not be checking the platform as frequently.

That is so, so, so smart!

Good for you for planning so strategically and in advance. Are you a project management student-- because this is excellent project management.


No, that is the result of limiting your queue, your gig does not appear in the search, but it does not prevent sellers who have bookmarked your gig via the :heart: or a previous buyer from coming to your profile and ordering. That is what happened to me, so I do not use it anymore.

EDIT: I just read this part.
You have the option to click to turn on Keep direct link active . This allows returning buyers or anyone with a direct link to still purchase your Gig.

I must of had the direct link still active when I got my orders. So, you should be okay if you inactivate the direct link.


Thank you! I’m actually a game art/design student, though project management is a big part of what we do.

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