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Out of office mode

Hii, I want to use out of office mode for 2 months. Will this affect my profile or sales
please help me.

Fiverr will remove you from the search for those 2 months, cutting off your sales.

When you switch it back on, you will be put back into the search, with no guarantee as to where you will appear.

We’ve used Out of Office a number of times now. We’ve switched it on for a weekend and come back to find it can take a week for things to get ‘back to normal’. Or, like this last time, we had it switched on for almost 3 weeks, and came back to one of our busiest times ever.


thanks for the information

I had to use out of office mode for almost a month in 2019 July. Before that, I was able to get approximately 3-4 projects a day and I was appearing in the first page of my niche. Since then, I can barely get 1 project a month right now.

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I need help my iMac isn’t cause working n I need to go into “out of office” but it’s nowhere To be seen n I keep getting orders :man_facepalming:

It would be better to pause all your gigs. OOO doesn’t prevent orders, it only hides your gigs from being searched.

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OOO does prevent orders… If it’s working correctly, anyway.

Not sure if it’s been fixed. Last I knew people with a direct link to the gig could place orders, even though the seller was OOO.

There’s also the reports of OOO messing up search results once it’s over, not that I think that matters as much, but it’s only fair to provide the warning.

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I had someone accept a very old custom offer I had sent him while I was in out of office mode.