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Out of office mode?

Hello everyone, i am a seller and i need help, actually i am going to be busy for a few days, but how can i stop getting orders for a week? If i go to out of office mode, then will my gig’s rank go down?

I mean if, after a week i come back, then will my gig stayed on the same place or it will go down?

I have found it is best to not go OOO because it takes a long time to get your gig ranking back. I always increase my delivery time to when I think I will be ready to deliver new orders.

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What’s your alternative? To let buyers take the time to consider you and then hire you despite you not being able to do it?

Inconveniencing buyers is never a good alternative.

Focus on your other thing. Go OOO. The point of Fiverr is to have a life, not to deplete the one you already have.

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I went OOO for 8 days while I went on a cruise. When I returned, I had two orders from previous buyers and one person who contacted me before leaving, waiting on my return. Those 3 orders put my gig right back where it was.


I’ve gone OOO a couple of times, always to prevent being overbooked, and every time I come back like clockwork, I have 3-4 messages from potential clients looking for work. I suppose everyone has a different experience with OOO! But personally, it’s been a life saver, and I haven’t noticed my placement drop much from using it.

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Thankyou all of you for putting your point of views.

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