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"Out Of Office" mode!

Hello to everyone in Fiverr community.

I want to know if “Out Of Office” mode will affect my gig’s ranking or not.
Also, what happens to my gig while am in that mode? does it disappear from search results or what exactly?

And finally, can buyers contact me while am “Out Of Office”?

Thanks in advance. Good luck to everyone.


It is explained here:


Thanks for sharing!!!

Just a quick comment about Out of Office as it relates to traffic: I’ve used it a lot during the past couple of months, and I’ve never seen any fall in my ranking. Granted, I keep it on at a max of about 2 weeks, so anything longer than that might have an impact. Either way, I would definitely make use of it if you’re overbooked/planning to go on vacation. It’s a real lifesaver when it comes to balancing work/school for me.

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when make out of office, make your gig offfline, and you also offfline, nobody inbox you and your account replay rate will not decrease.

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