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Out Of Office - Need Information

Hello, we’re new here, only 3 weeks. We’re traveling time to time and interesting if we use “out of office” will this impact our account? I mean impressions etc. Thanks


While you are Out of Office the Gigs are removed from search, so they don’t get impressions.

Thanks for the reply. And when I will “in office” I will start again from 0?

The Gigs are reindexed but, according to my experience, kind of slow in regaining their previous positions. I think that buyers tend also to consider the date of your recent delivery, and if it’s very distant in time (like months) it’s likely that they look elsewhere. I had to go in OOO for months and, upon return, my Gigs were dead, and have gone no further regardless the attempts to revive them.

Currently I am peacefully in OOO mode.
Ubi maior minor cessat.


I’m sorry to hear about this @pacquo :frowning_face: but I really think you should go back online. The more time you spend OOO, the lesser the chance you have to start rolling back again :frowning_face:


Thanks @maitasun, I am aware of this, but at the moment I prefer to step aside. I still have in the drawer* an idea for another Gig, but on a different sector. Who knows, one of these days…

*(Very large drawer, it contains all the uncompleted projects I devised in my life)


I hope you don’t cut me into little pieces :rofl::rofl: :wink:

I’m glad you haven’t ran out of ideas :smiley:

I have learned that, from time to time, life just likes to play around with us. Sometimes because she’s bored and others, to teach us something or make us wake up and start moving. The only problem is she plays rough :cold_sweat: - like the lionesses with their cubs…:face_with_raised_eyebrow: :sweat_smile:

We all need to learn to decipher life’s messages as she doesn’t speak through words… :wink:


So, what would an advice? A time of traveling, how we can don’t waste everything? I mean low impressions, account views etc.

Your account is new and probably still under the boom shadow of the initial boost that Fiverr gives to a new seller. As for now you can survive to low impressions and low clicks, not to an order cancellation
or to a bad parameter (response rate, order completion, on-time delivery, positive rating).
In this regard the OOO mode is useful.
As for every medicine, in the event of overdose there are collateral effects.
Try shorter travels.

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Yes its effect on Gigs impression, views and clicks

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Thank you for information

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